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  1. Argument Against Physician – Assisted Suicide
    For any person who believes and declares that there is a supreme being governing and controlling the world and what happens, it means one is trying to play this superior being.
  2. Confronting Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
    The article written by Susan Wolf urges the readers to reevaluate their views on euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  3. Suicide and Suicidal Behavior
    There are numerous psychological theories that have been used to discuss suicide and suicidal behavior. The most common of them is the interpersonal psychological theory of suicidal behavior.
  4. “Uphill”, “At the Border” and “Dreams of Suicide”
    The poems “Uphill” by Christina Rossetti and “At the Border” by Carl Dennis explores a spiritual journey in an allegorical form. “Dreams of Suicide” by William Meredith discuss certain events.
  5. Joel Morales Suicide Case
    Suicide is a fatal incident that is unwarranted in an attempt to solve a problem. This essay uses the case of Joel Morales, a 12-year old student who committed suicide.
  6. The Dynamic of Suicide
    The understanding of the dynamics of suicide play a critical role in helping troubled individuals in coping with ideation and behaviors that are likely to cause suicide.
  7. Physician Assisted Suicide
    In physician assisted suicide the term suicide has been defined as the timely death of a person with the assistance of a doctor due to a terminal illness.
  8. Assisted Suicide: Different Views
    This paper evaluates different views surrounding the debate but argues that assisted suicide provides a humanitarian way out of suffering for patients and families.
  9. Attempted Suicide Among American Soldiers
    Even though the United States Army is often regarded as one of the most powerful armies in the world, the problem of suicide among soldiers remains extremely important.
  10. Suicide Ideation in Patients With COPD
    The purpose of this study is to: assess the point prevalence of SI with the PHQ-9 in a cohort of patients with moderate to very severe COPD enrolled in the CASCADE study.
  11. Medicine: Physician-Assisted Suicide – Expanding the Debate
    Physician-assisted suicide is one of the issues that characterize provision of health care in the contemporary world. Physician-assisted is closely related to euthanasia.
  12. Suicide Causes, Awareness, and Prevention
    Though there are many facts and statistics about suicide, it is not appropriate to rely on the dry facts free from emotions when someone’s life and its ending are discussed.
  13. Suicide Prevention in Geriatric Patients
    The project provides elderly individuals with interventions for reducing suicidal ideation, restoring their desire to live, and lowering the rates of suicide.
  14. Suicide Among Adolescents and Family Support
    The research problem is suicide ideation among adolescents, and the particular area to be studied is the role of family and professional support.
  15. The Problem of Adolescent Suicide
    The authors of this work state that the problem of suicide among youth is extremely serious as the rates of suicide deaths and self-harm increase during this period.
  16. Clinical Problem: Suicide Prevention in Geriatric Patients
    This research considered the clinical problem that consists of the challenge of suicide prevention in older patients, especially those suffering from terminal illnesses.
  17. Assisted Suicide and Humanitarian Way to It
    This paper explores the humanitarian ways availed by assisted suicide in eliminating pain and suffering to patients and their families.
  18. Assisted Suicide as a Solution in End-of-Life Care
    The paper argues in favor of assisted suicide deeming it a humanitarian way of endorsing the patients’ human rights as well as preserving their dignity in death.
  19. The Art of Negotiation and Suicide Prevention
    Negotiation is a tool for non-violent conflict settlement. This research studies the use of negotiation in suicide prevention and reveals the role of a negotiator.
  20. Assisted Suicide in Utilitarian Ethics
    The purpose of this paper is to assess whether assisted suicide would be a humanitarian way out for patients and families through the prism of utilitarian ethics.

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  1. Assisted Suicide: Humanitarian Escape of Suffering
    Assisted suicide comes as a relief to both the patient and family members. It provides a compassionate way out of suffering for the sick and their relatives.
  2. Assisted Suicide as a Humane Solution
    Despite the numerous ethical and legal issues, assisted suicide offers a humanitarian way out of suffering for patients and families.
  3. Andreas Lubitz’s Suicide from Psychological Aspect
    On March 24, 2015, Andreas Lubitz was said to have committed suicide by crashing Flight 4U9525 into the French Alps consequently killing all those on board.
  4. Suicide Rates Reduction Policy in Arizona
    Suicide is a major public health problem in Arizona. The legislation related to the reduction of suicide rates in Arizona is limited.
  5. Impact of COVID-19 on Depression and Suicide Rates among Adolescents and Young People
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of coronavirus on these tragic numbers.
  6. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Europe and the US
    Euthanasia is defined as a deliberate action with the aim of ending a patient’s life to ease the suffering caused by the disease.
  7. Suicide Screening as an Evidence-Based Practice
    The paper focuses on suicide prevention among adolescents using suicide screening as a nursing tool to deal with the problem.
  8. Suicide Among Veterans Issue
    The increase in suicide rates among veterans frightens and reveals the magnitude of mental challenges experienced by the group.
  9. Spiritual Suicide from the Religious Perspective
    Suicide is a controversial issue that requires special attention. Spiritual suicide has religious importance and sees the way to enlightenment through embracing death.
  10. Suicide Prevention in Gerontology: Evidence-Based Project
    This project emphasizes critical appraisal and application of evidence-based research in questions of gerontology and suicide prevention programs in gerontologic patients.
  11. Suicide Assessment by Psychiatric Nurses
    “Suicide Assessment by Psychiatric Nurses: A Phenomenographic Study” by Aflague and Ferszt discusses how psychiatric nurses conceptualize suicide assessment using phenomenography.
  12. Community Capacity Building Against Suicide
    The paper demonstrates how a social worker can introduce the conceptual framework of community capacity building as a quick solution for the high suicide rates of a small town.
  13. Suicide Assessment in Acute Pediatric Settings
    A pediatric emergency department is a critical location where children and adolescents at risk for suicide may be identified.
  14. Physician-Assisted Suicide: Arguments Against
    In modern healthcare, there are many practices that polarize society, and physician-assisted suicide is one of them.
  15. Suicide as a Major Mental Health Challenge
    The presented paper identifies suicide as a major mental health challenge that all professionals in the field of nursing should begin to take seriously.
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