Sumo Salad Retail Chain’s Marketing Mix

The target market for take-home single serving salad tubs will be concentrated (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2011), for it will target mainly one segment of the market – single individuals (although it might be possible to state that the target market is multi-segment, for the set of single persons is rather heterogeneous).

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Therefore, the positioning will be aimed at a user category; it may also be aimed at a usage occasion – when a person eats alone, and therefore may often desire not to engage in cooking but simply to use prepared food.

The marketing mix consists of product, price, promotion, and place (Valenzuela-Abaca, 2014). Its elements will be affected by the target of the product as follows:


The product will have to be prepared in a way and sold in packages which allow for its preservation for a few days, so that the salad does not lose freshness by the time when the customer is ready to consume it.


The salads offered for taking home will need to range from cheaper ones, those which are affordable for students and the younger population, to the more expensive ones to satisfy the sophisticated desires of the middle-aged or elderly population. However, it will also be needed to take into account the population that Sumo Salad serves in general.


The salads in question will help clients to avoid the need to spend time cooking food when there is no one else to eat it. Thus, Sumo Salad may promote their product by stressing that it will be easy to eat such salad at home when there is no need in preparing food in large amounts, or when one does not desire to cook food, and so on.


The salads may be offered in Sumo Salad stores, if customers go there after the time when they finish working or studying, so that they might purchase some food to eat later at home. However, it might be useful to offer delivery services, for students or employees might often wish to go home straight after finishing studying or working, whereas elderly single people might not visit cafes/restaurants often in general.

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