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Sustainable Business Model Innovation

Sustainable Business Model Innovation

Sustainable business model innovation comprises new business units, diversification to other business versions, and the purchase of new investments. Based on this definition, sustainable business innovation targets features such as sustainable value production, active shareholder management, and long-term outlook. Based on this analysis, this paper proposes a ‘market connector’ investment. The e-commerce startup investment would rely on the gaps in local eco-friendly products across different regions and markets. Therefore, the investment will be called ‘Eco-Connector’. The organization will be built on product and service systems. The value propositions will leverage small-scale businesses without marketing facilities, communication architecture, and media presence (Geissdoerfer et al., 2016). The organization intends to connect customers with eco-products, with diversity and quality substitutes. Although big organizations provide these resources, customers do not have product options from small businesses. This organization will connect clients through an efficient online presence with creative and value options.

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Technological Challenges and Stakeholder Activation

Since organizations rely on online presence, the management will deploy digitalized architecture to create a real-time market environment for customers. The technological challenges include transmission cost, 3D technology installations, and the use of IoT to connect customers with suppliers. The beginning point, stakeholder network activation concentrates on identifying shareholders of the investment. Based on this approach, the management will allow interested small business investors who produce eco-products to apply. Stakeholders will be categorized and prioritized based on one of many representations. Having allocated disposition to several stakeholders, the development stage of stakeholder management concentrates on establishing stakeholder relationships, which are significant in product delivery (Ramdani et al., 2019). Thus, management will adopt the four phases of the stakeholder network activation, which includes ‘activate’, frame, mobilize, and synthesize.

Project Cost

The cost breakdown for the startup firm

E-commerce business registration and legal requirements: $4,000

Digitalize infrastructures: $7,000

Training and coaching cost: $3,000

Adverts and Marketing: $6,000

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Wages for online staff: $2500

Total Cost: $22,500

Revenue generation: 10% of each sale


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