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Technical Communication and Website Design

What factors should you consider before building a webpage? How much input do we seek from the customer? How do you handle the situation where the customer wants far more than functionality than they need, or that they can afford?

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Before building a webpage, it is important to understand the purpose of an online presence. Next, customers are to choose the web design model, whether to refer to the customer web design or the template design. The ideas the customer offers are important as he/she has some specific vision about what he/she wants to have, therefore, the personal vision of the customer is important in webpage design. Customers’ input helps to create the webpage the customer has already imagined in his/her mind (Dumlao, 2012). In situations where the customer wants far more than functionality than he/she needs, or that he/she can afford a web designer should use a template to create the webpage which meets customers’ requirements in design and his/her requirements in budget.

What is the need to build mortised websites? How do mortising leverage the advancements in graph technology while simultaneously benefiting from faster download speeds?

Mortising is defined as not only the issues that “complements the functionality of a site, but it also enables designers to use techniques that the graphic design industry has spent decades perfecting without sacrificing download time” (Eccher, 2010, p. 14). XHTML, CSS, and other images on the webpage are used in creative ways when the designer refers to building mortised websites. Additionally, such a webpage combines graphs, pictures, etc. in other words, the piecing of the items takes place that helps the page downloads faster and increases the functionality of the webpage. Mortised websites are of higher quality in comparison to other types of websites (Eccher, Hunley, & Simmons, 2004).

What is CSS? Please explain the advantages and disadvantages of using CSS-based style sheets?

CSS is a cascading style sheet language used in web design aimed at presenting the look and the formatting of the document written in such languages as XML, SVG, HTML, XUL, and XHTML. The main idea of CSS is to differentiate (to separate) the document content and the formatting aspects, such as font, color, etc. CSS is an important language in web design as sometimes formatting plays an important role and helps improve the web page accessibility. Moreover, CSS helps reduce the repetition in the content, and to save the style of web design for other pages, it is just necessary to add the already existed CSS to the next pages without constantly changing those (Pouncey, & York, 2011).

What is SEO? Please provide an example of how SEO can help a business grow. Make sure to use specific examples.

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The Internet has already occupied the business world, therefore, all the companies try to create a webpage. However, it is not enough just to create a website, as it will be useless without SEO. SEO is the search engine optimization measures taken by particular people with the purpose to make a website easy to find. SEO professionals work on making sure that when people search for the services the company produces, its website appears at the top of the Google search results. Higher Google ranking means higher traffic and higher sales, that is why it is impossible to remain popular online without a good SEO team (Why your business will not grow without SEO, 2012 ).

What does customizing a design mean? How does customizing webpage templates help in reducing the time takes to build a website? What are the drawbacks to a customized web design, and how can we overcome them?

Customizing a design means to make sure that the design of a web page perfectly corresponds to the customer’s desires. Creating a web page many web designers refer to their vision of the final result, however, a webpage should be the reflection of the customer and his/her product, therefore, many customers want their web pages to correspond to the particular requirement. Opposite to the template web design (Syed, 2010), customized web designs have more chances to appear at the top of the search ranking among other temple web pages.

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