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Technical Communication: Professional Finance Association


Technical communication, in a broad sense, can be described as a form of communication that encompasses qualitative and, to a greater extent, quantitative forms of research. It has an aspect of research and generates more information about technical processes that are related to an intended audience. Taking in-depth scrutiny of a local business club comprising of finance professionals in the region, it is evident that technical communication helps to shape objectives and goals.

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This study seeks to bring forth the various aspects of technical communication and the integral part played by it in transforming ideas to the desired maturity. Deductively, this piece looks at the insights that generally play a major part in groups.


For purposes of this paper, it will focus on the Professional Finance Association (PFA) that has an array of diverse portfolios. It is a group that brings together business entrepreneurs with an appetite for risk in these challenging economic periods. The association aims at exploiting the existing business opportunities and transforming economic ideas into profitable ventures. The association came up to seek ways to shield the business community from the harsh economic times.

The existing fiscal and monetary policy fell short of addressing the pertinent issues of the day. Having had an entrepreneurial aspiration, I sought to find a place where my skills could be nurtured. The professional finance association came in handy. As an associate, one has minor roles to play in facilitating the association’s objectives. With a group membership of over two thousand and growing by the day, it is large and streamlined, unequivocal communication channels have to be devised to improve on its efficiency. Generally, the association has an overall president who spearheads the association’s agendas and goals.

He is the association’s representative in matters relating to the national policies that affect the business climate. The president is aided by the vice president and a board of directors. Communication is channeled both vertically and horizontally in the association.

The interdependence of the group members

The association comprises of smaller departments that work interdependently to achieve the association’s goals and objectives. Some of the departments include the policy formulation and implementation department. This deals with the creation of sound financial policies, both fiscal and monetary, that can be proposed at the national level for implementation. Another important department is the communications and research department.

This is an integral part of the association and ensures information is gathered promptly, processed accordingly, and disseminated using the right channels (Wood, 2011). These are just but a few of them. These departments work together in fulfilling the ultimate association’s objectives alongside the departments. For example, the communications department gathers information from the members and the general public.

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This department organizes the dates and passes it on to the policy formulation and implementation department. At this stage, the data collected by the communications and research department is analyzed and processed to come up with meaningful reports that are presented to the directors for further review. Information regarding interest rates, consumer price index and inflation rate are generated in the same manner as in the previously discussed procedures. With this scenario, the departments act interdependently to achieve the association’s desired results.

Apart from team building and bonding activities organized and participated by the association members, other national information dissemination seminars are convened for the members. To start with, in line with the professional objectives, there are seminars held in between the year to educate members of the new policies that have considerable effects on the field as a profession. These are policies implemented by the professions’ world governing bodies like the International Financial Reporting Standards Board (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

This helps to nourish the members and equip them with the desired skills to be better managers of funds in various capacities (Anderson, 2007). As put across by Bernthal and Insko, groups that are cohesive socially have a greater opportunity to share ideas and think as a group than those that are brought together by tasks. The latter often results in subsequent under par decision making as opposed to the former. Under team bonding, retreats are organized where members get to know each other better. This enhances performance as the groups improve their social skills. This makes the members commit to completing their various tasks assigned to them. For example, the research department, through high social skills, can gather relevant information for further study and analysis.

Relational satisfaction

While because no one is an island, we all have to actively participate in realizing the groups’ goals. As a team, we have to work together, and to do this, we have to communicate and know each other. Receiving communication from my colleagues makes me feel a part of the association (Woods, 2010). It makes me feel appreciated for the efforts put forth in the association. Owing to the nature of the weekly meetings, I always look forward to them.

The brainstorming session helps us come up with better ideologies to prosper the association. I must admit that cases of absenteeism during the meetings don’t go unnoticed. With zero coercion or fear of being reprimanded for sharing your thoughts, members often speak their minds out and this has, on many occasions, led to the generation of fantastic ideas. Positive criticism of each other’s contributions has always led to the improvement of those ideas to come up with strong policies.

As an associate in the group, my task roles include taking minutes in meetings, a general gathering of information from the field, and seeking information from relevant bodies. This can usually be done through questionnaires and other data collection techniques.

About social centered roles, I observe and keep a track of the associations’ activities. Nurturing member’s personalities through encouragement is equally important as it motivates members and increases performance. At times, I have to agree with the simple majority and compromise my stand on some issues. As regards to leadership, democracy is adopted at all platforms. Members have an opportunity to be part of decision-makers. This gives members a feeling that they are a part of the association and they are energized to tackle their tasks. The group started with a leader felt by members as duly fit to lead them. It was earned by one’s dedication and vision for the association and was elected democratically.

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Relational leadership

I have experienced an accessible and approachable leadership that encourages detailed and strategic analysis as well as one that has high integrity, honesty, and openness. In my opinion, I am generally satisfied with my membership. It has changed my perception of financial matters as a strong economic tool. In this regard, I would sustain my membership. I am better placed to work in groups to accomplish a shared goal.


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