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Communication Technology Business Units

Fact 1: why is this problem?

This is found to be a problem because the flow of information from one point to another is indeed very crucial to any business venture. Through information technology, business units are in a position to fully equip themselves with the transfer of knowledge as well as expertise from one point to another. This can take place without the physical movement of human capital. If the right communication technology is not in place, then the transfer of information from one point to another will not be enhanced.

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Individuals who are separated by both space and time cannot exchange data in a more effective way where there is a lack of vibrant communication system or worse still, they do not know how to use such communication tools such as e-mail (Grant & Meadows, 2008). Additionally, poor communication tools and the network is largely responsible for the slowdown in economic growth.

Fact 2: who is impacted?

Lack of vibrant communication technology impacts almost every other person who needs passing information from one place to another. However, among the worst affected group is that comprising business leaders who have to keep in touch with their clients from across the board. When they want to deliver information, they have to use an up to date means of communication that is not only acceptable but also well understood by the recipient.

The second groups of people to be impacted are customers and other clients attached to particular companies. In case there is a communication breakdown, a company will not be in a position to reach out to its customers. For instance, the advertising campaigns of a company may fail to impact the targeted market when the mode of communication used is not up to date and tailor-made to suit the situation (Ess & Sudweeks, 2001).

Computers and other electronic devices associated with computer technologies have also been instrumental in accelerating communication technology. For example, graphic data transfer can be done through photography and digital imaging. Additionally, computers connected to the information superhighway can be used for online file sharing at the click of a mouse.

Fact 3: what is the benefit of solving the problem?

The benefits that arise after solving the problem cannot be underestimated. Communication technology surrounds mankind in all respects. For instance, interpersonal relationship is currently fast-drive by the growth in communication technology through such avenues like social networking sites. Besides, entertainment has been made not only easily accessible; it is also affordable to most entertainment enthusiasts. In e-commerce, communication technology is the major tool used to deliver sales, market company products, and services as well as promote demand for consumption of certain goods and services (Grant & Meadows, 2008). In other words, the present-day society relies heavily on this form of technology as its nervous system and an epicenter of economic growth and civilization.

To be precise, communication technology covers a wide range of information or detailed data transfer. Firstly, electronic mass media is a profound hallmark in this form of technology (Chaudhury & Jean-Pierre, 2002). It is now possible to broadcast using digital television in most countries of the world and especially in industrialized nations. This goes a long way in the utilization of multichannel television services, streaming media, interactive televising as well as digital radio broadcasting.

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