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Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear Xrd: Beginner-Friendly Design


In the 21st century, video games have become an acceptable, widely-spread hobby for many people. The abundancy of genres that can engage various demographics has helped promote the activity into the mainstream. With the number of produced video games and consoles, kids and adults alike can find something suitable for them. Fighting games form a special category in the video game industry, largely due to their complexity and the existence of a competitive gaming scene. Different titles have their own peculiarities and memorable mechanics that require time and effort to adjust to. The combination of visual style, controls, and character diversity in any fighting game creates a unique atmosphere of play. In this regard, some games can be considered more enjoyable for casual and novice players, and others can instill frustration. Examining two fighting games in particular, “Tekken 7” and “Guilty Gear Xrd,” an analysis of their mechanics will be conducted. The main argument is that the latter creates a more “beginner-friendly atmosphere”.

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Tekken 7 is one of the latest games in the Tekken franchise. Sporting visually appealing 3D graphics and a large roster of characters, the game has found a lot of success in recent years. The gameplay is mostly typical for fighting games, two players are attacking each other with the goal of reducing an opponent’s health bar to zero. The attacks are made by pressing specific button combinations. The game involves a lot of instinct and thinking, and the difficulty comes from trying to predict the other player’s moves and gain an advantage. This particular game expands the basic premise with the inclusion of 2.5-D environments that allow for more fluid movement. This setup gives people familiar with the game mechanics and movement a big advantage, allowing for quick, unexpected maneuvers.

Another feature that is specific in Tekken is how the player blocks damage. Defending against the opposing party’s moves is just as important as attacking, and is usually done by moving backward. Blocking at the right time can give one a serious advantage and leave the opponent vulnerable to a counterattack. In Tekken, however, blocking is done by not pressing moving directions at all, which can be confusing and counter-intuitive in some scenarios. The other crucial mechanics of fighting games are combos. By successfully performing a series of attacks consecutively, the player can leave their opponent without the ability to defend, dealing large amounts of damage at a time. Playing Tekken 7, combos require much precision and intricate knowledge of timing, as the attacks might not connect together. This gives novice players a disadvantage, as they are less likely to remember the necessary button presses and have the ability to execute them in time. The combination of complex movement and game-specific control layouts makes Tekken 7 harder to perform well in on a casual level.

Guilty Gear Xrd, alternatively, can be considered more beginner-friendly for a variety of reasons. The game is presented in an exaggerated, cartoony style that is appealing to younger audiences. The characters are unique as well, with many of them being amusing in appearance and using unconventional weaponry. Fighting occurs in a fully 2D environment, which is comfortable for experienced and new players alike. Unlike Tekken 7, a player can block by holding back the movement button.

The main difference that this game presents is the existence of two distinct playstyles. Before the match, the players can choose between “technical mode” and “stylish mode,” with each choice having its pros and cons. The former represents the default fighting game experience, with the need to time one’s attacks and perform specific inputs to use them. The latter, however, allows the player to automatically combo their attacks together by pressing one or two buttons repeatedly. Special moves can also be done easily, giving beginners the ability to adjust to the playstyle of the chosen character and be on equal standing with a more knowledgeable player. The stylish mode can be utilized in casual play to have fun without concern for the more difficult aspects of fighting games. Overall, Guilty Gear Xrd creates a more friendly game environment through the combination of its style, intuitive inputs, and the inclusion of a beginner-friendly play mode.


To conclude, fighting games have a diverse range of available mechanics that lead to the formation of their unique player bases. Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear Xrd each have their specific appeal and facilitate different approaches. Tekken is more suited for people familiar with fighting games and the franchise, in particular, using title-specific map design and control scheme. The enjoyment mostly comes from the ability to predict the opponent’s actions and respond to them in a timely manner. The game rewards experience and knowledge of its mechanics create a significant divide between veterans and casual players. While one can still enjoy it on a beginner level, many of its specific features will be unavailable. Guilty Gear Xrd, on the other hand, makes the process of learning to play quicker and more enjoyable, allowing people to perform well even on their first try. The mechanics of this game are accessible to all ranges of players.

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