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The ACTHIV 2019 in Miami, Florida

The chosen scholarly activity for this course is the ACTHIV 2019 in Miami, Florida, on 11-13 April. The conference will be focused on the existing approaches to treating HIV and its prevention in different population groups across the USA; additionally, speakers will present the newest methods used in the sphere to improve patients’ outcomes, their compliance, and guarantee their significant role in the recovery process (“Save the date 2019,” n.d.).

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The pivotal aim of the conference is the discussion of the newest research works in the sphere of HIV prevention and treatment along with the future of this sphere and forecasts specialists suggest regarding the current development of pharmacology (“Save the date 2019,” n.d.). This sphere is central to all people suffering from the disease which means that the conference will become a significant event in the healthcare sector.

The choice of the activity was preconditioned by the fact that despite all efforts and much attention devoted to the investigation of the issue, HIV remains one of the central problems of the modern age and its treatment acquires the top priority for health workers. That is why the target market for the conference is broad and includes nurses, community health specialists, educators, social workers, physicians, and all specialists who work with people suffering from HIV and assist them in their recovery (Phillips, 2018). Moreover, it is beneficial for me, as work with this category of patients is an essential part of a health worker’s schedule. That is why the improved knowledge of the most innovative methods is critical for an efficient nurse.

Nevertheless, today, prevention of the further spread of HIV and reduction of new patients are two central domains that interest researchers and investigators. The fact is that the disease has an extremely high attack rate and people belonging to risk groups might be affected by it (Phillips, 2018).

Regarding the complexity of HIV treatment and multiple problems associated with it, prevention becomes the main tool that can be used to reduce the disease rates in the population. At the same time, there are also alternatives related to the pharmacological treatment of the disease using antiretroviral medicines to prevent the development of undesired states and protect people suffering from HIV from fatal consequences.

At the same time, the problem is complicated by the fact that people living in some areas or belonging to particular social classes might experience hardships with access to treatment and diagnosing. In these regions, the risk of becoming HIV positive increases significantly, which means that there is a need to improve the coverage and ensure that individuals will be able to acquire the needed help (Phillips, 2018). It is the key to the reduction in the number of new cases annually.

In such a way, using the conference as the platform, organizers want to attract the public attention to HIV prevention, and access to all needed services including antiretroviral therapy that are considered one of the most efficient ways to struggle against the disease. Patients should be educated about these options. Moreover, it should be explained that HIV can be treated and there are options for them.

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Participation in the given conference will help to improve my professional skills. First of all, critical thinking and the domain of nursing practice will be affected, as questions discussed are an integral part of the work of a nurse today. Second, the professional role of nurses will be understood better because of the discussions of their contribution to the struggle against HIV.


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