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The Alan Louis General: Case Study

In the Alan Louis case study, the analysis of research data indicates a serious need for marketing. This is indicated by the fact that people who have received services from Alan Louis General and people who have never enjoyed their services have very different opinions of their services. The need for marketing is compounded by the fact that the people who have enjoyed their services have a very high opinion of the same. Therefore, there is a need to set up a communications program that will be able to encourage residents of the area where Alan Louis General is located to try their services.

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The most appropriate program is the encouragement of community awareness through marketing by hospital staff. This could be done by dedicating sufficient resources to offer affordable or free remote services. This could be done by setting up mobile clinics for a period of one week. This way, the hospital staff will be able to interact with the local residents and back up their advertising through services by persuasive talks to make the residents have confidence in their services. The program could also include brochures showing all the services offered by the Hospital and a brief introduction to the staff. In their campaign for the hospital, the staff should be instructed to avoid defamation- slander, and libel. Otherwise, the program could be destructive to the hospital (Buckley1).

In 2008, Ladd filed a defamation lawsuit alleging that her reputation was tarnished by the publication of the stalking suit filed against her by Milwaukee Brewers (MB) and Uecker, the radio announcer in MB. The court of appeal argued the postings on the internet were not controlled by MB and Uecker and thus dismissed her claims. This was because defamation is normally considered in cases with the original publication. In this case, Ladd should have avoided the indications of stalking because a case like that with a prominent defendant or plaintiff must attract the attention of the media (Macha 1).

To ensure uniform ethical standards in an organization, the organization should design a code of conduct. Let us have a look at the code of conduct for PG & E. This code of conduct was first developed in 2004 and revised in January 2007. The code of conduct is set out with numerous employee-related articles. It has standards for employee conduct and their respective waivers that ensure professionalism in the undertakings of the organization. It also has standards for conflicts of interest that clearly define how certain arising conflicts will be solved effectively within the organization. This way employees are guided in knowing their limits and rights and thus conflicts within the organization are minimized. There are also compliance statements and ethical standards to be upheld that give a benchmark for effective operation. The codes of conduct thus play a great role in ensuring employee performance. They are effectively spelled out and will be able to ensure the intended internal cooperation and compliance. The codes can however be modified by the addition of several other clauses to ensure that all areas of mandatory compliance are exploited. For instance, a clause related to customer relations could be added to ensure that customers get the best services from the employees. The same will come with statements of how employee conduct related to customers will be monitored (PG & E Corporation 1).

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