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The American Psychological Association Style

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Criminal Justice is a government institution. It consists of many establishments and trainings merged into one big entity. All these institutions work together. In fact, Criminal Justice was founded to help with the provision of law. The sole duty of this system is to uphold law and order, solve crimes or find a way to solve it and make sure that those on the opposite side of the law do pay for their crimes. Security Management on the other side deals with bodily safety. It is a broad field that is quite related and work together with Criminal justice. The American Psychological Association (APA) is a common style in behavioral and social sciences (Dantzker & Hunter, 2011).

It focusses on the presented ideas. The APA style of writing has been in use for a very long time. The writing style has been in existence since 1929. The APA manual contains guidelines on how to write and makes the document reading to be easy.

The Administration of Justice in the U.S.A is in charge of how the policy on criminal justice works. There have been reviews on crime from 1967, and various recommendations are always put forth by ways of curbing crime. The President’s Commission on Law enforcement is the branch that works hand in hand with the criminal justice department. The Commission puts across ethical conducts that need to guide the staff in the protection of the community and its individuals (Raimes & Miller-Cochran, 2015). The APA style has been adopted in many states all over the world to provide materials to the community that is easy to read. The APA style is easily understandable and makes one comprehend what is going on in the justice department. The community is thus able to make their decisions based on what it believes to be right.

The APA format has a very simple heading style. The style was intended to make the document easier to understand. Using APA format makes security related information to be easily and readily accessible (Ferree & Pfeifer, 2012). For instance, having a well-informed community makes security management easy to manage. Individuals understand all the policies that are in the process of being implemented, and they also have the liberty to give their input whenever possible.

In writing, emphasis is laid on one being accurate and consistent. The rules and procedures given include ways of achieving this consistency. Security management has the duty of protecting the network and telecommunication systems from unauthorized access. An accurate report ensures that they are not any negative influences at all. (Dantzker & Hunter, 2011). An accurate report also makes the implementation and mitigation process easier as the security management team will have the right information.

The APA style has guidelines on how biases can be reduced. The suggestions determine whether a new employee has enough knowledge on issues concerning security. The criminal justice involves all types of crimes. Biases can reduce the effectiveness of this department in employing its duties.

Reporting in the APA style aids in the distribution of the information related to security. The format uses various management tools. The information is used to identify threats and ensure that the policies and guidelines are effectively implemented. The guidelines are meant to help in managing security in different organizations (Dantzker & Hunter, 2011). They also provide information that can be used to predict future crime trends and safeguard confidential information from unauthorized access.

Electronic references are also some additional information that the APA style use. A digital object identifier is a dependable method of finding information online. With APA, electronic references make finding justice and security-related information easy and fast to access. An example of such information is the journal called The Criminology and Public Policy. The Journal talks about policies involving justice and has advanced materials. The journal provides all the information one needs for criminal justice and security management. However, the APA’s electronic reference makes all this accessible without any difficulty (Raimes & Miller-Cochran, 2015).

Diverse presentation styles that have used the APA format can easily be accessed online. The style provides various illustrations and procedures to guide the user. It provides legal information to many people who can nowadays access the internet. People learn what is wrong and right and confirm with the information provided to ensure that they are on the right side of the law.

Most learning institutions require that the students’ reports presented in the APA style. Criminal justice scholars can effortless access information online with the APA format style. The students only need the correct citations to get all the information they need on criminal justice (Ferree & Pfeifer, 2012). It gives them a comfortable task when they are handling their assignments.

Another type of information contained in the APA style is the ethics guidance. It covers facts about plagiarism, authorship and other issues that can lead to loss. Loss prevention is a key duty in security management. It involves the possession of assets as well as how to keep the assets safe. The essential component of this division is figuring out threats that can deter someone from fulfilling their goals. Knowing the opportunities that one has makes decision-making an easy process helping the individual to reduce ethical risks associated with Criminal Justice (Dantzker & Hunter, 2011).

Replication is made stress-free with the APA format. There are steps to guide whoever wants to duplicate the paper written. Replication is important when there is the need for information distribution among different parties in the departments all over the country (Ferree & Pfeifer, 2012). It is also useful when there are identifiable threats and warnings need to be issued

Referencing using APA helps one to know where locate the information they need to upcoming research. The security management department provides first-hand information to anyone who requires it. The information is organized neatly in a way that makes it easily available, and has no biases. The style becomes an asset in criminal justice cases involving psychology. It is the widely use style in citing sources in psychology (Raimes & Miller-Cochran, 2015).

Criminal justice has a lot of potential audiences. It ensures that the reports documented precisely for easy understanding by every party involved to make certain that the report is interpreted differently. The reports hold information involving victims, witnesses and suspects. They are important in decision-making decisions and should have the correct facts. The reports are solely used to judge various aspects and characteristics in an individual. The writing of the report has to be in a specific way. The APA style is vital in writing the reports to ensure efficient connection and communication.


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