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“The Birth of a Nation” Movie

Sales Pitch

The Birth of a Nation will open a new era in the cinematography. It is not just a movie, but a whole epic that reveals the intricate relationship between people, military battles, the lives of ordinary citizens, and the political intrigue that have been woven for the eternity into the history due to the massive governmental upheaval against which the whole palette of life colors unfolds. In this work, the viewers will evidence how melodrama, military epic, and historical drama have been compiled for the first time. After watching the Birth of a Nation, shot by a white man on the ins and outs of the American Civil War, everyone who did not comprehend the criticality of the moment would feel everything from the first-person, and the future generations will be able to travel back in the thick of 1915.

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Long Line

The Birth of a Nation will be the movie about past, the changes, and the ways how the people of color are eager to protect their rights and neglect all possible rights developed by white people for centuries including the assassination of the 16th President of the United States, the creation of the Ku Klux Klan, and the relation between white and black people between 1861 and 1865.


As a producer, I would like to present the movie The Birth of a Nation on the basis of Thomas Dixon’s novel The Clansman. It is not a story of one person. It is the story of two families, the Camerons and the Stonemans, who take the same side, enjoy their lives, make plans, and dream about mutual happiness. However, in one moment, everything should be changed. The whole nation changes its views and makes the decisions that separate families and friends. The relations developed between the Camerons and the Stonemans help to comprehend the reasons for why people agree and disagree with the supporters of the Civil War and the founders of the Ku Klux Klan. Though it is not hard to guess the end of the battle because the movie is based on the history that cannot be changed or improved, it is always interesting to observe the opinions of other people and look at the same event from different perspectives. Therefore, this movie should neither teach history nor describe the events only. It should help to understand the nature of human decisions during one of the most difficult and controversial periods in history.

Why Pay Attention to the Movie

The Birth of a Nation is worth developing and watching, and the following list of the facts and ideas should help to make a correct choice:

  1. Many people may call the movie one of the most racist works in cinematography. Do you want to find out the reason and be involved in the creation of cinematographic controversies?
  2. Horses are galloping, guns are shooting, and the camera has to move in order to catch every single moment. Do you want to be a part of such an action?
  3. The birth of the Ku Klux Klan saved the South. Do you believe this could really happen?
  4. The worth of family issues and love is used to save human lives? Do you need to know how crucial romantic during the war is?


As a producer and director, I have already created several successful movies about the war and the worth of people’s loyalty including such works as The Guerrilla, The Fugitive, and The Battle. They introduce the war and describe the changes people have to accept in order to survive. The peculiar feature of The Birth of a Nation is the attention to the details and personal choices people have to make regularly. What makes this story special? It could attract the attention of different people. Girls could like it because of the romantic relations developed in the movie. Boys enjoy the fight scenes. Film experts are able to investigate the quality of shooting and directing. In general, spectators have a chance to get one of the most crucial lessons in their lives.

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