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The Black Panther Ten-Point Program Analysis

The initiative that is analyzed in this paper is The Black Panther Ten-Point program. From the institution’s foundation in 1955, it has done an enormous amount of work to fight racism and sexism. Until nowadays, the social and cultural impact it had on society still serves as an example of strength and persistence. Through the sixteen years of its existence, The Black Panther had many changes and reconstructions in the system connected with the same issues it was fighting against in the white supreme society. Still, the organization’s roots lie in black people’s resistance against the government’s oppression and the racist nation of that time.

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The policy itself is meant to cover the needs of the black population by ensuring it with the right to manage its lives freely. One of the goals is to provide black people with full employment, and the way to achieve it is through the change in the capitalistic system. White entrepreneurs, for instance, have all possibilities to contribute to it, offering the workplaces as they should. Otherwise, the resources can be redistributed within the less privileged communities, and it will let them organize their workplaces and support people in need. In general, the government is the one that has to make sure that all the requirements are satisfied. For centuries it has carried the responsibility for the current position of the black population due to the history of oppression and slavery.

There is considerable historical evidence of the injustice and cruelty that black people have experienced. The program remembers the promise made hundred years ago to give the black nation the land and mules to compensate for the slavery (BlackPast, 2018). Black people have suffered enough from physical and phycological abuse; therefore, they have to be free from military service. The effectiveness of the policy can be measured by the fulfillment of at least the majority of requirements, and one of them is law justice.

Policy claims to release all the black people from jail because of the systematic racism they were not fairly judged. In order to guarantee righteous and transparent procedures, the black peers should represent the member of their racial group in the court. Not to mention the fact that black people are regularly faced with police brutality and unmotivated murder.

Therefore, the policy also demands the government to give opportunities for decent and equal education for black people. Since education and knowledge open access to greater autonomy, it will also benefit in the long run and let the community members evaluate the effectiveness and participate more actively in the policy’s implementation. The policy, however, shall exist as long as all the requirements will not be satisfied, which can take dozens of years for the changes in the system that has been racist far too long is hard to change quickly.

Overall, the cultural legacy still influences and inspires modern activists and fighters for the rights of black people and women. During that time, it was hard for The Black Panther Ten-Point program to continue further its works and reach more significant progress due to the oppression it faced from the racist population and the government. Despite all the obstacles, they learned how to protect themselves, function autonomously, rely only on their forces and before fighting with the outside world, do not neglect the same issues inside the community.


BlackPast, B. (2018). The Black Panther Party Ten-Point Program. BlackPast. Web.

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