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The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 was one of the major turning points in the world and Japanese history. The affect of the bombing left negative traces in all spheres of human relations: social, political, environmental, psychological, and medical. The atomic strike caused great destruction and the death of hundreds thousands of people. American opinions on the justification for the use of atomic weapons are divided. Some perceive the bombing as a means of revenge for the once-destroyed Pearl Harbor, but according to most American leaders, there was no need to drop bombs on Japan, since it was already defeated (Weber). Although the Second World War ended with the surrender of Japan, the use of the atomic bomb was not the right decision.

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The main target of the bombing of Japan was to protect the civilian population of the United States from the Japanese armed forces. Mark Weber’s essay contains many different opinions and statements of American leaders that the dropping of an atomic bomb on Japan was not imperative. First, Japan was ready to surrender to the United States, even though the Japanese leadership considers the surrender a disgrace. Japan’s only condition for the United States was to maintain its form of government (Weber). Although the United States authorities agreed to these conditions, the atomic bombs were still put into action.

Second, if the goal of the United States government was to frighten the heads of Japan, there were alternative ways that would not take peoples’ lives and cause such damage to Japanese cities. For example, there was an opportunity to demonstrate the destructive power of atomic weapons at a military base that is located far from the territories where people live (Weber). This option would show the Japanese the danger that could overtake them and would save the lives of the civilian population.

Third, after the recent military actions, Japan was weakened and helpless, and it was possible to negotiate a peace without the use of powerful weapons. Furthermore, there was no need to unite the forces of the United States and the USSR, since Japan was ready to capitulate even before these events. Unfortunately, the head of America chose a destructive path instead of peace negotiations.

These two terrible explosions destroyed the lives of people, not only the victims, but their families. Some people died instantly, some were seriously injured and had a long recovery, but there were also those who felt the effects of atomic explosions. People received a dose of radiation, later this led to liver cancer, which is difficult to diagnose, because of which it often cause fatal outcome (Sadakane et al. 301). Moreover, this did not give rest to either the irradiated themselves or their families since every day of life could be counted.

To sum up, it can be concluded that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was in vain and had only tragic consequences. The presence of nuclear weapons does not make the life of the world’s population safe, but only threatens it, since the use of these deadly weapons is completely controlled by people.

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