The Case of Salesforce and Wegmans Food Market

Most organizations have unique practices that give them a competitive advantage over their competitors. It is true that employees choose to work in organizations that can enable them further their careers and at the same time also satisfy any of their other personal goals and objectives. The ranking of companies based on their employee satisfaction levels has seen many employees leave their organizations in search for better opportunities. According to the “100 Best Companies to Work For” report, Salesforce and Wegmans Food Markets were ranked first and second, respectively, in the list of best companies to work for in the United States. This paper considers the underlying reasons why I would work for the two organizations based on their organizational culture.

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Salesforce has gained its reputation as one of the best employers to work for mainly because of its employee-centered approach. It would be my pleasure to work for this organization because the mentioned approach the company uses values all employees. The organization has developed a culture that promotes employee development and retention by ensuring that its workforce is richly rewarded both in monetary and psychic terms (“100 Best Companies to Work For”).

In addition, the organization does monitoring and evaluation of its staff to ensure that those who exemplify hard work and dedication are not only rewarded and promoted but are also given more challenging tasks to develop their skills.

Wegmans Food Markets has also invested heavily in employee development (Wegmans). However, what attracts me the most to the company is their dedication to ensure a healthy nation by promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors among their employees. The “lead by example” approach the company has taken is impressive. We live in an era where eating fast foods has become rampant. Many young Americans are arguably suffering from lifestyle and non-communicable diseases because of poor eating habits. Wegmans Food Markets is changing the narrative and requires its employees to observe healthy lifestyles and has customized its organizational culture to allow for the same.

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