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The Causes of Congestive Heart Failure

A literature review is a description of a publication on a certain subject attributed by researchers. In the selection of the topic of study by the researchers, there are some procedures that are usually followed. For instance: appraisal of the allied literature. This furthermore entails the methodical recognition of the editorials, tracing the source along with documented scrutiny and its relationship to the research study (Cryer, 1996). This paper will focus on giving a literature review on the causes of Congestive Heart Failure patients’ frequent admission with special emphasis on the process underwent in selection of the topic of study, purpose and effects of the literature review, limitation of resource availability on the scope of research study and the effect of performance of a literature review on my practice on professional setting.

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In selection of my research topic in the causes of CHF patients’ frequent admission, there were some processes that I pursued. First I began in my selection of the topic by searching the general aspect of congestive heart failure. The topic of study then zeroed on re admission of events (Brown, 2002). The re admission of events were acknowledged in relation to three areas explicitly, diet, medication and support from the community. During the evaluation of my research topic, several areas to develop my topic substantially were availed which I was able to link with the rich articles available on the web.

The rationale of conducting a literature review on the causes of CHF patients’ frequent admission was to determine what had already been done relating to the topic. In acknowledging what already had been delineated, premeditated and even recommendations provided for this topic could help present me with the structure of my research study. This will help me to “discover research strategies and specific data collection approaches that have or have not been productive in investigations of topics” (Gay, Mills & Airasian, 2009). Thus the literature review will assist me build up approaches on my study without considering ideas from the other previous studies.

On analyzing the literature review on the Causes of Congestive Heart Failure frequent admissions, three components were found to have transformed specifically diet, medications and community program that offers an effective role in case management. I discovered that the CHF case was a multidisciplinary approach which involved Nutritionist, cardiac rehabilitation, health educator, community health team and the primary care provider. However the best way to prevent hospital readmissions is to make sure patients are better managed and receive the care they need after they leave the hospital.

The topic I researched yielded diverse resources through Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature and Google search engines. Nevertheless, searching for the major keyword and the exact word in relation to the study proved data that was different from the area of the study that had previously been done. The scope to my study was thus limited only to the definite area of CHF and the diet, medication, and community program to wit, in relation to regularity of admittance(Gay, Mills & Airasian, 2009).

My research was performed successfully with the absence of challenges. Conversely, I discovered that the performance of my literature review affected on a larger basis my practice in a professional setting. This was because the literature review has already given me supplementary knowledge on my research topic. Generally, the management of the case is greatly important as it helps in prevention of re admission of CHF by creation of a multidisciplinary team. This works best for a team that follows the certain clinical pathway in management of CHF cases from admission through discharge.

Reference List

Brown, J. (2002). Library instruction for students in design disciplines: Scenarios, exercises & techniques. Kanata, Ont., Canada: Art Libraries Society of North America.

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