109 Social Media Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Social Media Effect on Young People
    Social media is a prominent part of youth in the contemporary world, but its use should be regulated to ensure that young people only reap the positive benefits of the technology.
  2. Global Impact of Social Media in United Arabs Emirates
    This research paper examines the impact of social media on teenagers in the UAE. Social media has positive and negative impacts on teenagers.
  3. Communications: Facebook Social Media Platform
    Facebook refers to a social network that allows people to share information online. This paper focuses on discussing Facebook as an important tool for advertising and its effectiveness.
  4. Social Media Marketing
    Social media increases communication amongst users of Internet by allowing the sharing of information, messages, videos, and even audio.
  5. The Impact of Social Media on Super Bowl Ads
    The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the U.S. and, as such, companies often attempt to capture the attention of the audience.
  6. The Role of Gender in Interactions via Social Media
    Females tend to focus on development of certain relationships and creating a community while males tend to use social media to get information, have fun and so on.
  7. Michael Reagan’s Role in Social Media
    Michael Reagan can be discussed as a prominent media person who succeeded in drawing the public’s attention to the discussion of problematic political, social, and economic questions.
  8. Social Media’s Influence Role in Activism
    Social media are playing a significant role in social activism at present. However, it is impossible to claim that this role is crucial.
  9. The Role of Social Media’s Influence
    This study aims to examine the roles played by the internet-based social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in activism and revolution while providing examples.
  10. How is Social Media Affecting College Students?
    The use of social network websites has been extensive that they have not just attracted the interest of industry and academic researchers all over the world.
  11. Social Media’s Influence
    The primary benefit and problem of social media is that it allows freedom of speech and expression, irrespective of whether or not the views should be heard.
  12. Social Media Role in Activism and Revolution
    Social media allows for enhancing people’s investment into the social and political changes by exposing the personal significance of the latter two for an individual.
  13. Social Media’s Role in Activism and Revolution
    This essay aims at discussing the nature of social media, connectivity and access to information that has provided an ideal environment for activism and revolution.
  14. The Role of Social Media on Activism and Revolution
    This paper analyses social media in the recent uprisings across the Arab world. It aims at establishing that social media played a central role in the success of these uprisings.
  15. Social Media Role: Activism and Revolution
    The nature and lifestyle of people in the world have been influenced by social networks. Recent developments in social networks include: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  16. The Role of Social Media’s Influence
    Social media tools help people to connect individuals awareness of an issue worldwide. This, in turn, helps to usurp authoritarian governments while uniting people in a crisis.
  17. Role of Social Media’s Influence on the World Stage
    Social networking sites offer a chance for people to register and maintain a list of connections with people that they are able to trust.
  18. The Effects of Social Media on Today’s Society
    The importance of digital technologies and Internet for the modern society is growing rapidly. Social media are starting to make very serious impact on social relationships.
  19. Social Media Effects: Problems Understanding
    Technology has become a part of people’s lives and many individuals cannot imagine a day without their cell phone or computer. Technology has its advantages and disadvantages.
  20. Social Media Usage and Impact
    Dissemination of information has been made simple and faster since the discovery and creation of social media.
  21. The Role of Social Media’s Influence on Revolution
    Recent revolutions were massively impacted by social media. With contemporary social media, properly selected content can create and direct the passionate crowd.
  22. Social Media’s Influence on Children and Teenagers
    Research conducted in various nations indicates that children and teenagers spend most of their time on social media sites than they do on other websites and mobile sites.
  23. Social Media’s Influence Importance
    Social media has played an important function in political turbulences that have been happening around the globe.
  24. Social Media’s Influence on the Children and Teens Lives
    The paper highlights the positive and negative influence of social media on the lives of children and young teens. Social media platforms have enhanced learning opportunities.
  25. Social Media Tool in Modern Marketing
    This paper explores the different approaches a firm can use to measure and manage its online presence and reputation. It examines companies that have successfully implemented the SMM strategy.

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  1. Social Media Influence on the Lives Today
    Digitalized communication is the way of young people of looking for similar peers, expressing themselves, searching for their identity and answers for various questions.
  2. Asking for a Password from Social Media
    This paper opinions that asking for passwords, during job interviews, or from people who work for you, should not be allowed. There is much reason in not using one’s social media.
  3. Influence of Social Media in Activism and Revolt
    Through Facebook, twitter and YouTube, powerless people have been able to work together, organize, and express their concerns.
  4. Social Media’s Influence in Activism and Revolution
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the role of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) on activism and revolution on the world stage.
  5. Social Media and Accountability in Organizations
    The increasing reliance on social media as an avenue for reporting customer grievances can work in favor of most companies.
  6. Social Media in Nursing Practice
    The use of social media can be considered profitable, but nurses should take into consideration the patient’s confidentiality before engaging in this activity.
  7. Social Media Effects on Consumer Behaviour
    Social media creates a platform where businesspeople communicate and/or interact with their customers. Through social media, companies market their products to reach worldwide consumers.
  8. Print and Social Media in 2011 Egyptian Revolution
    This paper focuses on different roles print media, news agencies and social media played in the Egyptian revolution of 2011.
  9. Social Media Policies and Code of Conduct
    This discussion therefore identifies the major issues arising from the use of social networks in different companies.
  10. Simulation and Social Media in Healthcare
    While using the simulation and social media in the field of healthcare administration, it is important to provide a discussion of the facilitation steps and logistics procedures.
  11. Social Media’s Effect on Activism and Revolution
    Social media has remained very instrumental in fighting poor governance and has catalyzed political revolution and leadership change in countries.
  12. Communication and Social Media Ethics in United Arab Emirates
    The delivery of strategic information to the public through social media in United Arab Emirates must be evaluated for relevance and abuse.
  13. Social Media Hindrance on Interpersonal Relationships
    Social media has made communication between people in different regions very easy; it has altered offline interactions as many people are enveloped in social internet sites.
  14. Recruitment and Social Media
    Employers in the contemporary world use various tools and strategies when recruiting individuals for their workforce. One such strategy is social media.
  15. Social Media: Science, Technology and Government
    Social media has become one of the most utilized platforms in the world today. Advances in technology have enabled a lot of access to information and eased communication.
  16. Compass Vacation Company: Social Media Strategies
    The name of the business is “Compass Vacation”; it is a travel agency that will provide tour package for its customers, as well as plane tickets for designed destinations.
  17. Social Media’s Design Implementation
    In the modern world, social networks are the most frequently visited sites. This dissertation analyzed the use of social media in fashion design marketing.
  18. The Impact of Social Media Technologies
    Social media allows for interaction and communication fostered by readily available, accessible and affordable means of communication.
  19. Social Media Impact on Teenagers in the UAE
    This paper studies impact of social media on teenagers in the UAE. The research was based on a sample of 30 respondents through a mixture of direct interviews and questionnaires.
  20. TopMobiShop’s Social Media Campaign
    The goal of the social media campaign is to ensure a purposeful and organized use of TopShop’s media pages and to introduce a mobile internet-shopping app, TopMobiShop.
  21. Obesity Education in Social Media for Children
    Addressing the problem by introducing a social-network-based education program must lead to a sharp decline in the number of obesity cases among children.
  22. Social Media Usage in Transparency Services
    The objective of this memo is to analyze the effectiveness of the government using social media and the Internet to ensure transparency in service delivery.
  23. Social Media’ and Business’ Relationships in Indonesia
    This paper the business relationship with social media, the adverse effects of social media on business, and their global influence on the Indonesians’ lifestyle.
  24. Social Media: Benefits over Disadvantages
    Humans utilize social media as a substitute for face-to-face communication and interaction, but it is not equivalent to real-life communication and lacks integrity.
  25. Taylor St Baristas Company: Social Media Marketing Plan
    In this report, the digital marketing plan for Taylor St Baristas developed with the help of Facebook as the main social media to promote online customer acquisition.

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  1. Social Media Techniques for Communication Management
    This paper develops the evaluation of such techniques as social networking sites and micro-blogging sites, and the ideas of how to enhance communication and enjoy the outcomes.
  2. Social Media Changing Interpersonal Relationships
    Social media might be helpful sometimes, but their ability to alter human communication and violate privacy makes them harmful to interpersonal relationships.
  3. Social Media in Activism and Revolutions
    In this modern society, social media is like a traditional community, where aggravated individuals converge in a common place to plan for protests.
  4. Social Media in Lives of Teens and Tweens
    The paper on the identification of the role of social media in the lives of teens and tweens via such themes as Finsta versus Rinsta accounts.
  5. Affordable Care Act: Nursing and Social Media
    The paper discusses the Affordable Care Act’s benefits and flaws. It also states that social media can be used to interact with the patients and improve the quality of healthcare.
  6. Social Media Applications in the Fashion Sector
    Social media has resulted in marketing being easier and cheaper than traditional techniques, and fashion houses have gained to a large extent.
  7. Social Media Platforms and the Nature of Healthcare
    Basic teaching materials relevant to the target group of students include online databases for various nursing courses.
  8. Transparency of Services: Social Media and the Internet Usage
    It is necessary to incorporate social media to engage the public. This should be done by first removing the notion that social media is an informal platform.
  9. Social Media in Bahraini Decree Law 47 of 2002
    This paper focuses on the challenges, faced by media houses and journalists, and analyses the role of social media in Bahrain discussing the Bahraini Decree Law Number 47 of 2002.
  10. Gender Discrimination in Society and Social Media
    The paper finds out to what extent discriminatory attitudes are present in different societies and how much social media induce them.
  11. Social Media for Children: Threat or Opportunity?
    The current paper discusses potential risks and opportunities of social media for children advising parents to be careful and telling about social media safety rules.
  12. Facebook’s Social Media Algorithms Study Arguments
    The article “The algorithmic imaginary: exploring the ordinary affects of Facebook algorithms” discusses user experience with social network algorithms.
  13. Social Media in Aviation Crisis Management
    This report examines social media tools to comprehend how they are utilized to facilitate analytical response capabilities by airlines for effective crisis management.
  14. Nurse Leader’s Responsibility for Social Media Posts
    This paper discusses legal and ethical issues about posting work information on social media and the responsibility of nurse leadership.
  15. Accounting, Social Media, Workplace Ethical Issues
    Business ethics is a crucial concept that drives business growth and an important element in guiding strategic goals, short term, and long term focus on sustainability.
  16. Social Media Categories for Public Health Promotion
    This paper discusses social media categories, singles out popular and cutting-edge tools, and outlines how these tools might be used for the issue of community health.
  17. Social Media in Business Across the Globe
    Social media became an integral part of life globally. They are used not only for communication but for business purposes as well.
  18. Role of Social Media in Managing Customer Relationships
    Social media is an advanced communication device of the modern century that applies the inclusion of a massive group who share a common sentiment.
  19. Privacy and Integrity in Nurse’s Social Media Use
    Ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality and safeguarding professional integrity remain the primary tasks related to proper social media use.
  20. LEGO Company’s Social Media Strategy
    LEGO is a business that engages its customers, uses various types of social media to reach out to various audiences, and focuses on creativity above all else.
  21. Nurses’ and Social Media’s Role in Healthcare
    The paper discusses the role of nurses in ensuring patients’ health and the role of social networks as platforms connecting patients and health care professionals.
  22. Digital Marketing and Social Media
    The capabilities offered by the rapidly developing information technology segment have contributed to the speed, effectiveness, and affordability of digital marketing strategies.
  23. Law Enforcement: Online Crimes and Social Media
    This paper focuses on one of the most important issues facing law enforcement over the next ten years, effective mobilization for online crimes and fights against Internet trolls.
  24. Databases, E-Commerce, Social Media at the Workplace
    This paper discusses databases in the work environment, types of e-commerce, social networking in the workplace, and defines database vendors in the marketplace.
  25. Social Media Influence on Activism and Revolution
    Social media’s impact on the progress of social activism and revolution on the world stage is vital, as it provides the free exchange of data among unlimited numbers of persons.

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