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The Code of Ethics: Term Definition

The results from the game show the core values that describe my code of ethics include independence, impartiality, wisdom, and awareness. I value individual rights and the well-being of everyone in society. These two aspects work together to achieve the best outcomes. I also strongly value the universal principles of rationality and sensibility.

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These two principles are mainly applied in problem-solving and they help me to come up with consistent and flexible solutions. Other than my core value, I have additional values which include restraint, carefulness, impartiality, and courage. One of my key classical beliefs is that my ethical selections take into account other people, as well as myself. As a result, I do not make assumptions about why people act the way they do.

I believe in doing the right thing at all times. However, doing the right thing is relative and depends on circumstances. Therefore it is important to have the ability to know what the right thing for every situation is. This requires a gift of balance, which the results strongly indicated I have. The results also indicated that I do not have a blind spot which implies that I can harmonize my core values.

My ethical values and aspirations are my biggest strength. They give me the ability to do the right thing. This is essential for my career as a nurse. I know I have strong tools for effective problem solving which can be used in virtually any difficult situation. I have a strong gift of balance which enables me to see the benefit of each of my core values.

Values also entail preferences but in the context of a course of action or an outcome of an action. It is a person’s sense of good or bad. I have also developed personal perspectives and values on the variables that shape people. I believe people are equal irrespective of the lines that divide us. Intelligence and smart thinking do not choose any variable such as race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, and cultural background. I believe that discriminating against people by their race is wrong. Members of each race have shown a sense of equality in terms of intelligence. Given the opportunity, they can perform just like any other person.

I enjoy meeting and interacting with people from different races to understand them and know their culture. I have found it easy to interact with people from different backgrounds and belief systems. I have also been able to interact professionally and casually with people of different sexual orientations, classes, and religions. The only thing that people are required to have concerning developing good relationships in a multi-diverse society is the ability to be sensitive to others’ cultural values.

In this way, one can easily respect others and earn respect in return. Mature and intimate relationships give me the skill to interact positively with others. I gain the ability to understand and empathize with others and easily provide good advice to problems relating to social skills. Relationships are an everyday part of people’s lives. As people interact, they are forced to develop and polish social skills with others (Bowlby, 2012).

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My biggest weakness is the temptation to feel superior. This is an area I desire to work on so that it does not override my strengths. I need to be paying attention to matters ethical. I also face the risk of inaction. This implies that not unless I become self-aware, I can easily end up seeing everything and making no-decision.


Bowlby, J. (2012). Developing Personal Ethics. New York: Harper.

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