The Concept of Honor


People experience different emotions on an everyday basis, but the most controversial one is pride. This word has at least three definitions that reveal its double nature. First of all, it is “a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction” (“Pride”). On the one hand, it can be faced by a person when people who are close to him/her have done something good. On the other hand, it can be treated as a feeling of personal worth and respect. However, there is also a disapproving definition of pride. It presupposes that an individual considers that he/she is better than others. Thus, it can be stated that pride has both a positive and a negative side. People’s intentions, characteristics, and interests allow them to identify what kind of this emotion they are likely to experience. This paper will reveal that even though pride can be a positive feeling of satisfaction, it may also be an exaggerated perception of self-importance. In this way, it is significant for the representatives of the general public to make the right choice between good and bad.

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Even though currently people often say that they are proud of someone in a positive way, this emotion was the first sin committed by living beings. According to the Bible, Lucifer was an angel who decided to challenge the Lord in his lust for power. As a result of his actions, Lucifer was sent down to rule Hell. Moreover, he made Adam and Eve commit their first sin (“Bible Verses about Pride as the Original Sin”). Hence, pride turned into the mother of all vices.

It is good to be proud of someone who really deserves this feedback, but excessive pride exaggerates self-importance and leads to adverse outcomes. Because of it, people become boastful and bid defiance to others. Such experiences are often familiar to famous actors, athletes, and singers. Their success makes them deal with the feeling of superiority over their fans and other people.

Still, it is important to remember that pride associated with the satisfaction developed due to the achievement of the previously set goals is a positive thing. It can be observed when a mother feels proud of her child who has just made his/her first step or received an excellent mark. This exhilarated pleasure is tightly associated with the emotional connection between people since its absence tends to raise the feeling of envy and jealousy instead. It is also good to be proud of personal achievements. For instance, I remember that I experienced a satisfying feeling of accomplishment when I graduated from high school. During the awarding ceremony, I realized that all my efforts were eventually recognized. I was very proud of myself because I managed to accomplish a great task that lasted for years and a new step in my life was waiting for me.


Thus, it can be concluded that pride is an emotion that has two sides. On the one hand, it may be the cause of all sins that reveals an individual’s focus on personal superiority. On the other hand, it can turn into a positive feeling of being happy for someones or individual achievements and deeds. It is significant for people to choose the side of pride that reflects their interests and attitudes and not to let a negative connotation of this feeling overpower. Just as all other emotions, this one should be taken under control.

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