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The Court of Law: Merits and Difficulties

The court of law is one of the pillars of the democratic system. It is that important part of the system from which people expect to deliver justice. This is why it is very important that the judges and other court members deliver the most justice they can. In order for them to deliver more justice they can, they should perform the best they can. And, in order to perform the best they can, they should be put inadequate conditions to do this.

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This is why the managing system mentioned in the example is all about. Its purpose is to create the adequate and best conditions for the judges to perform the maximum and best they can. The system’s strong pillars are its division between the civil and penal cases and the rotation formula which allows the judges to take part in all the different forms of the cases to be judged. On a master level, this calendar rotates every month two judges from civil cases to penal ones and vice versa. This “refreshment” of the judges allows them to put away the stress and tension accumulated during the month by taking the next month a case of a completely different format. This also makes the court as a whole become more “objective” and impartial in its decision-making process.

This way all the judges take part in the judging procedure for penal cases or civil ones. If there were only two judges appointed for the penal cases, for example, this may have influenced the public perception of non-impartiality.

Thus, it is important for a manager of an organization to be careful about the image created in public and to carefully manage the tension and stress put on his/her employees (Stroup, 2008).

But there are some difficulties and considerations to be made upon this management system also. It is true that by rotating the judges from penal to civil cases every month you decrease their stress on the individual level and assure more participation and impartiality as a court on a master level, but this way you also increase the pressure on the individual judges. This happens because they have to finish the case within the month, or the new judges have to take some time to be informed on the cases and then begin procedures. And, by adding that nowadays the court statistics show that a criminal case takes an averagely of two to three months to finish, this rotation module, in the end, damages the judging process itself. It is the second of the third judge that is going to deliver the decision upon the case. In a certain way, this makes the work of the previous one (or even two) useless. This situation increases the possibility that the judges do not pay the necessary attention to the cases since they know from the beginning they are not going to be the ones to finish this case. On the individual level this may reduce their responsibility awareness because of the very fact we mentioned above.

And, this would definitely impact negatively on their performance and the performance of the court as a whole.


Stroup, J. (2008). Organizational leadership. The Managing leadership On-Line journal.

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