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The “Criminal Minds” and “Brady Bunch” Fiction Films


Sherwood Schwartz and Betty Thomas have been in existence for the past fifty-eight years, and in a brief overview of the various films he has produced in his life, two prominent films get taken to the banks for that. The fiction films “Criminal Minds” and the “Brady Bunch” are the two most influential and most viewed movies done by Sherwood over the years. The movies are highly prioritized over the various films that have been produced by various other authors, and this is basically due to the superficial articulation of the craft techniques that have been applied in their incisions. Schwartz and Thomas have applied critical craft techniques in their movies, and due to this, it can be elementary to analyze and come up with a clear summary of what each of the two films tends to put across. The art of wringing a scripted play and transforming it into a movie is such a tremendous transition and decision to make in life since it entails a lot, such as deciding on the most appropriate plot, among other deliverables.

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Comparisons and contrasts when applying the craft techniques


A film with well-designed plots will easily attract the attention of most viewers or the audience since it makes them look into the inner part of one. The plots applied in such films assist one in thinking deep and try relating their life with those of the characters by placing themselves in the character’s shoes and then asking themselves the question of what if they were the characters. Each of the movies has a standard scope of plotting in that each of the movies tends to express the general evolution of Schwartz and Thomas hence showing just a few among the most mysterious characters in this hero and the author at the same time. Also, both the movies were highly praised simply because of their outrageous form of realism and expression of facts in the real world. The movies were able to show the significant challenges that human beings do go through in their societies and how well they can take a revolution towards transforming their interest and life complications.


In connection to the collaboration that was performed by the composer who is Schwartz and Thomas. “Criminal Minds” and the “Brady Bunch” films have got a common mystical feature portrayed in both the films feature a very slow and atmospheric sore which has got minimalistic forms of expression. In addition, there will be ambient textures in the kinds of features made to soothe the room when these two movies get to play. “Criminal Minds” has a specific Musial tune used to introduce both its movies, and this, therefore, acts as perfect attraction points to the audience. The musical or background tune is so soft and relaxed that it places the audience in the mood of wishing to get more and more of it. It further opens the audience to the movie and makes them sit in a relaxed position, ready to watch the excellent film encompassed by the sweet soothing sounds throughout the film. On the contrary, the two movies have a perfect introductory musical aspect; however, the thematic concerns of the two movies are very much different in one way or the other. For instance, in “Brady Bunch,” the musical introduction is a bit different from that of “Criminal Minds” and also has a different approach to music, which rolls down what is expected of the movie.


In both the movies, lighting has been effectively used to bring a clear view of the events taking place in the films in one way or the other. Lighting is an essential element and a significant aspect of the craft techniques used in movie or film production. It gives a brighter and more transparent view of the whole event or moves in the movie. In that case, then, both the fiction films apply the same concept of lighting in that the quality of the movies is clear, and it is maintained from the introductory sector of the movie towards its end. The wording of the movie’s introductory part, which states the film introduction, is unambiguous and on point. On the contrary, the movies have a slight difference in lighting but are not directly connected. The thematic changes or colors in the scenes or the movies are due to the colors of the walls in the movies and the clothing colors of the characters.


Schwartz and Thomas produce great movies which are watched worldwide. The movies produced by Schwartz and Thomas are of great importance to society and change the lives of most people who take their time to view the movies and understand the thematic concerns. In the movies, there are lots of craft techniques applied in the movie to assist in making it achieve its desired quality visualization and satisfaction to the audience. Some of the leading craft techniques applied are music, lighting, the perfect plot annotations, and the short composition approach, among others. Schwartz and Thomas are therefore considered to be among themes quality producers in history to date.

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