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The Dangers of Addiction or at Risk Behavior

People all over the world do not even notice the danger of different kinds of addiction. This topic is very important nowadays. The addictions can be different. It can be drugs, the alcohol addiction. Very often it can be cartoons, computer games, TV. But these are not all kinds of people’s addiction. If we speak about the definition of addiction, it is important to say that the addiction itself is the inability to overcome the dependence on different things in spite of many efforts and wish. When people are addicted to something their behavior is changed as well as the priorities of life and their attitude to it.

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It is shown on example of TV addiction how people change and what they could do to prevent their dependence on this thing. Many scholars state that the addiction on drugs and on TV is almost the same things. Studying the brain of many people, the researchers admit that the person who is addicted to TV takes a great pleasure in process of preparing the TV program, while watch the program or just when switching the TV-set. The time when TV program is over influences on his/her behavior, person acquires his usual features. It is shown on mental stress, unwillingness to communicate and alienation to the society. There is a strict need to switch on TV and watch it all the time, then the person get real satisfaction in his life. This addiction is compared with the dependence on drugs, when the drug stops working the person feels very upset and frustrated and need to inject more drugs in blood (Spy 1).

“The Serious Problems Associated with TV Addiction:

  • Anxiety
  • Lethargy
  • Prefers solitude
  • Turns away from social situation
  • Difficulty getting along with others
  • Risk of obesity” (Spy 1).

The addiction is very harmful, especially for children. When parents prohibit watching TV-set, children always offend and feel disappointed. However, it is the right decision made by parents.

There are different ways to prevent TV addiction:

  • “Spend time engaging in physical activities, sports, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, swimming, tree climbing, etc according to one’s physical capacity.
  • Read books including novels, short stories, poetry, science fiction stories, science magazines, etc.
  • Engage in indoor games like chess, caroms, scrabble, board games, etc.
  • Be active at a social service club” (Spy 1).

The cigarette addiction should be considered as one more examples. Nowadays, this is a real problem in the society. According to this dependence, female and male is the same at present time, because women and men smoke in the same degree or even women smoke more.

Cancer is the most dangerous result of smoking. Cancer, now, is widespread illness all over the world. According to researches, in the United States, 87% of lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. And about 20 to 30% of the people have lung cancer as secondhand smokers (Rodriquez 1).

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There are also many other dangers caused by smoking such as its effects on heart and on immune system. The risk of acquiring different infections such as chronic bronchitis and other pulmonary and respiratory infections is caused by smoking. It is also harmful for pregnant women, but in particular for infant. Women smoking during the pregnancy have the risk to give birth to their infants with small weight, bad-developed lungs (Rodriquez 1).

Making the conclusion of the discussed problem it is important to say that people should mind their habits, because the habit of smoking, watching TV or drug habit always lead to addiction. And another valuable point is that person who is addicted to something usually does not pay any attention to his behavior. They have such characteristic features as depression; they behave in very rude way. They may have mood changing several times during the day, problems with money, no appetite. And it is well-known that people rounding you, cannot stand it all the time. Not only problems with health and with general way you feel, but also the serious problems connected with the relationships with your friend or relatives can be caused by the addiction to different things. Some of the addictions, such as alcohol, cigarettes, lead to the death. People should mind this, because life is the wonderful donation that God gave us.

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