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  1. Role of Internet in Internet Addiction
    This paper will use qualitative data to analyze the role of the web in digital media addiction amid the young people. The paper will begin with a literature review of internet addiction.
  2. Prevalence of Use, Abuse, Addiction to Crack Cocaine in African-American Children Living in Low Income Housing
    During the 1980s-1990s the addiction to crack cocaine involved the majority of the black population of problem neighborhood.
  3. The Crisis of Drug Addiction
    This essay will focus on the crisis of drug addiction in general. It will also include some factors that lead to drug abuse. The paper will cover the dynamics of drug addiction in the USA.
  4. Family Crisis Addictions in Psychology
    The paper describes the nature of addiction crisis, presents theories of addiction and approaches to prevention and interventions.
  5. Best Practices in Addiction Treatment
    In providing treatment to veterans involved in alcoholism and drug abuse, nurses and other medical staff are locked in ethical dilemmas.
  6. Renton’s Addiction in the “Trainspotting” Movie
    This paper reviews the character of Renton in the “Trainspotting” movie and looks at ways and steps through which can be helped him to overcome his addiction.
  7. Cognitive Behavioral Theory as Addiction Treatment
    The paper compares Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing as two main procedures through which patients with addiction problems can be treated.
  8. Drug Dependency and Behavioral Addictions
    Drug dependency is often described as a chronic brain condition that causes the patient to seek out drug substances without control or consideration for their negative effects.
  9. Problem of the Alcohol Addiction in Modern Families
    The increasing cases of alcoholism, also known as addiction, have led to a rising concern and a research on its challenges and remedies.
  10. Youth Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation
    This paper looks at the prevention for youths who are yet to begin using drugs and those who are addicted and establish an advocacy for rehabilitation for youths.
  11. Drug Addiction among Nurses
    The United States of America has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Drug abuse among nurses is a serious problem that threatens the quality care that is offered.
  12. Miami-Dade Community Needs: Alcohol and Drug Addiction
    Miami-Dade is one of the counties in the state of Florida. The health needs of the people living in this county are supported using different initiatives and programs.
  13. Prescription Opioid Addiction in the United States
    Prescription Opioid Addiction (POA) is now viewed by many as a severe epidemic in the United States. Approximately 2.5 million Americans over 12 years old abused opioids in 2012.
  14. Healthcare Financing and Drug Addiction
    The healthcare sector is one of the key directions for the development of any country since the health of citizens is an indicator of the success of the current policy.
  15. The Problem of Drug Use and Heroin Addiction in US
    This paper informed about the drug use problem in the United States as well as about health and life risks associated with the use of heroin. Drug use is a globally important social problem.
  16. Stimulants, Depressants, Opioids Causing Addiction
    This paper describes three major classes of prescription drugs that cause addictions: stimulants, central nervous system depressants, and opioids.
  17. Suboxone Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Adult Clients
    The study highlights the possibility of reducing barriers to Buprenorphine and Suboxone treatment through Suboxone awareness improvement among prescribing professionals.
  18. People with Addiction and Substance Use Disorder
    Adult patients with opioid addiction need special care and regular monitoring by a professional healthcare provider.
  19. IPhone Addiction and Health of Hispanic Adolescents
    iPhone addiction among Hispanic adolescents is becoming a major health problem in the United States. The use of phones while driving is one of the leading causes of accidents.
  20. Substance Abuse Versus Addiction
    When abuse of psychoactive substances is regularly repeated, dependence syndrome develops a person begins to crave the drug or alcohol more.
  21. “Adolescent Alcoholism and Drug Addiction” by Choate
    The article “Adolescent alcoholism and drug addiction: The experience of parents” revolves around the issue of drug addiction among teenagers and its effects on their families.
  22. Black Theology and Its Impact on Drug Addiction
    I have chosen the topic of Black Theology and its impact on drug addiction because I have experienced the impact of opioid addiction on my family.
  23. Drug Use and Heroin Addiction: Informative Speech
    The illegality of drugs makes it impossible to research the actual numbers of people using drugs and situations making these persons initiate drug abuse and harm their health.
  24. Preventing Opioid Abuse and Addiction
    The article introduces a new chance for people to fight against drug addiction. The creation of a new vaccine is the solution millions of people could be in need of.
  25. Gaming Addiction: Creating a Blog to Help People With Gaming Addiction
    The topic of interest chosen for this project is creating a blog to help people with gaming addiction. I am personally interested in this topic because I am a victim of this problem.
  26. Smartphone Addiction Among American Youth
    While the smartphone is a valuable tool that has benefited civilization, the ensuing mental addiction has a profound, lasting impact on individuals’ health.
  27. Addiction Among Nurses: Professional and Personal Experience of Nurses
    The gravity of the problem is exacerbated by the fact that affected nurses not only impair their own health but also increase patient risks.
  28. Chemical Dependency: The Crisis of Addiction
    An overview of the essence of chemical dependency and current statistics rates provides a basis to argue that the most commonly abused drugs are alcohol and tobacco.
  29. Addiction and Substance Use Disorder
    This paper has identified addiction and substance use disorder (SUD) as some of the health challenges many people in the global society face.
  30. Philosophical Approach to Addictions
    Here, a philosophical stance will be presented that is directed by evidence and the principles of beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice
  31. Alcohol Addiction Group Manual
    The present manual offers key information about the formation of a psychotherapeutic group that is focused on addressing the problem of alcohol addiction.
  32. The Effects Of Addictions On The Family System
    Alcohol addicts are unable to properly discharge family responsibilities, their family members become codependent and are frequently assaulted of having abnormal children is high.
  33. Drug Addiction: Advantages and Disadvantages
    The historical evolution of drug addiction is important. It helps to seek to establish appropriate redress to mitigate the underlying misconception and myths.
  34. The Addictions That Have Effects on Marriage
    The addictions that have effects on marriage can be classified into two groups: substance addiction and process addiction.
  35. Drug Addiction Is a Chronic Disease
    Drug addiction is a disease that can be considered chronic in nature and relies heavily on the influence of hereditability, environmental conditions.
  36. Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction
    Drug abuse entails constant and excessive usage of drugs to create feelings of happiness and blot out reality despite its well-known harmful effects.
  37. Story Telling and America’s Reality TV Addiction
    Storytelling is as ancient as the cave paintings found in ancient lands. It is as ancient as the oral histories passed on from generation to generation
  38. Methamphetamine Addiction and Interventions
    Today, methamphetamine, also known as crank, speed, meth, and glass is one of the most widespread drugs worldwide because of its ease of manufacture.
  39. Energy and the Economy. Oil Addiction in America
    In America, “addiction to oil” results in high oil prices and a unique structure of economy dependent upon crude oil.
  40. Alcohol Addiction and Its Adverse Effects on the Victim and Family
    Alcoholism is known to have numerous adverse effects. Alcoholics have wives, husbands, children and other close relatives who are mindful of their welfare.

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  1. Cognitive Psychology and Addiction
    The work describes the cognitive processes that explain addictive behavior and dependence as a body’s reaction to the objective external world through its internal attitudes.
  2. The Dangers of Addiction or at Risk Behavior
    This topic is very important nowadays. The addictions can be different. It can be drugs, the alcohol addiction. Very often it can be cartoons, computer games, TV.
  3. Drug Addiction: The Problem of Xanax Abuse and Its Consequences
    Xanax as a drug can be very addictive and difficult to stop and it is very important for anyone using the drug to be cautious and follow the instructions that are provided.
  4. Comparing a Behavioral and Chemical Addiction on the Example of Alcohol and Pornography
    This research examines two alcoholic treatments therapies of both inpatient and out patient addicts with an intention to assess the abuse consequences and monitor their effectiveness.
  5. The Effects of Addiction on Cognition
    The effect of drugs to impair cognition has been researched extensively and all major substances of abuse have been found to affect cognition.
  6. Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction and Various Policies Related to Drugs
    The harm reduction policy is concerned with reducing or minimizing the risks that are accrued to drug abuse in various societies.
  7. A Medical Treatment of Addiction
    Medically, addiction can be defined as the abnormal dependence of substances which cause the body to poorly respond to stimuli that are naturally available.
  8. Phobias and Addictions as Manifestations of the Human Mind Weakness
    Both phobias and addictions are two weak states of a person’s mind where one can be weak while thinking of or seeing something, but a psychiatrist can resolve such a problem.
  9. The Relationship Between Drugs and Addiction to Crime
    Systemic crime emerges from the arrangement of drug circulation. It includes conflicts over the region in rival drug traders, attacks, and executions committed in involved groups.
  10. Computer Use and Dangerous Computer Addiction
    The society has changed a lot with the technological developments that have come up in the world. This technology has had many advantages to the contemporary world.
  11. Smoking: Addiction Treatment Methods
    The therapists advise those who are daily tobacco users to quit, despite their willingness. However, the intervention for smokers without any desire to stop is a complicated one.
  12. Causes and Effects of Fast-Food Addiction
    Studies show that those who frequently eat fast food have an increased risk of progressing from simple consumption to addiction.
  13. Remedies for Marijuana Addiction
    Every community has a given limit of tolerance that is accorded to the behavior and conduct of its people and this is guided by moral, spiritual and legal principles.
  14. Drugs in Perspective: Models of Addiction
    The moral model of addiction is a notion that has very little in common with biological or genetic components of addiction. The disease model of addiction is a lifelong addiction.
  15. Support Services and the Case Review: Drug and Alcohol Addiction
    The article presents a plan to help a 39-year-old patient living in Palm Beach treat his alcohol and drug addiction.
  16. Internet Addiction Affect on Person Normal Functioning
    Internet addiction refers to unusual internet-related behavior where one spends most of his or her time on the Internet affecting his normal functioning.
  17. The Problem of Technology Addiction Among College Students
    The rapid development of technologies has impacted every aspect of modern people’s lives, from work and education to leisure and recreation.
  18. Alternative Treatment for Chronic Pain and Addiction
    There are substitutes for traditional drug treatment, which can be implemented by doctors and patients themselves. Such methods are called complementary alternative medicine (CAM).
  19. Drug Abuse and Addiction: Risk Factors
    People with drug abuse issues have enhanced motivation to take drugs, increased probability of reacting to stress, emotional dysregulation, and impaired self-control.
  20. Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment: The Humanistic Theory
    The Humanistic theory was first formulated by Carly Rogers who suggests that therapists and counselors need to help clients achieve the best outcomes during therapy and counseling.
  21. Social Media as a Type of Addiction
    The documentary is recommendable for the course because it describes one of the most widespread forms of addiction of modern days.
  22. The Impact of Ageism on Mental Health and Addiction
    Ageism refers to prejudice towards persons because of their age. This form of discrimination is exhibited in the unfair treatment of older people.
  23. Teenage Drug Addiction Problem
    The modern world is full of diverse activities and hobbies that can have both positive and negative effects. This essay aims at discussing the phenomenon of teenage drug addiction.
  24. Treating Addictions: Harm Reduction in Clinical Care and Prevention
    Historically, addiction was perceived in society as a vice for which it is to punish its carrier. As society developed, it became clear that such an approach did not bring results.
  25. Development of Addiction Services in County Wicklow
    43% of students revealed that drug was equally likely something that makes them feel ‘good’, while 44% said that they felt ‘no different’.
  26. How Opioid Addiction Impact Young Kids
    An annotated bibliography helps identify reputable sources which can be used to understand how opioid addiction affects young kids.
  27. Person With an Addiction: Mr. Smith Case Study
    In this case, this paper will examine on the issues involved and possible interventions for a person with an addiction.
  28. Alcohol Addiction: Alcoholics Anonymous Program
    This article focuses on a twelve-step program that allows people with alcohol dependence to return to their normal lives.
  29. How Ageism Affects Mental Health and Addiction?
    Essay demonstrates how negative prejudices towards the elderly influence their mental health in the long run, and how it affects their relationship with addiction.
  30. Internet Addiction as a Teenage Issue
    This paper evaluates Internet addiction as an issue affecting teenagers today and assesses the causes, assessment tools, and support options.
  31. Misguided Perception of Drug Addiction
    The traditional misguided perception of drug addiction should be transformed and enhanced by creating stable social bonds for timely recovery among chronic users.
  32. Treatment of Opiate Addiction: A Program Evaluation
    The objective of the study was to examine the effectiveness of the detoxification program and determine its effect on opiate addicts, particularly buprenorphine.
  33. Reality in Drug Addiction Research: Ethnography
    Ethnography as a research method is the most suitable for the study of drug use. The method has already has established itself as effective in studies of closed groups.
  34. Addiction in “Dragged High on Alcohol” Documentary
    The “Dragged High on Alcohol” documentary is about an alcohol addict Ryan, and the film crew follows him and his family, showing how Ryan experiences his addiction.
  35. “Addicts Who Survived” by David Courtwright: Crucial Work on Drug Addiction
    The purpose of this paper is to identify the main issues raised by David Courtwright and to discuss the content of the book “Addicts Who Survived”.
  36. Medical Coverage for Addiction Recovery Expansion Act Analysis
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the content of the Medical Coverage for Addiction Recovery Expansion Act, the necessity of enactment, and its possible effectiveness.
  37. Drug Addiction: Elimination of Incarcerations
    The government and its communities make the population feel content with their lives and welcome, which would eliminate much need for escapism and drug use.
  38. Overcoming the Stigma of Addiction
    Addiction is a disease that is recognized as a major public health concern but is generally regarded by society as the result of an individual’s personal choice or a moral failure.
  39. Comparison of Adolescent and Adult Addiction Treatment
    Standard diagnosis for addictions in adults is performed using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. According to Hartney, DSM-5 includes eleven criteria.
  40. Addiction to Cellphone Limits Engagement in an Active Social Life
    The paper proposes and describes a Comprehensive Integrated Approach Program that combines methods of research and solution to the root.

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  1. Neurobiology: Epigenetics in Cocaine Addiction
    Studies have shown that the addiction process is the interplay of many factors that result in structural modifications of neuronal pathways.
  2. The Problem of Alcohol Addiction in Russia
    Russia now acknowledges alcohol addiction as a problem. The health impact of alcohol in Russia is most notable in its contribution to mortality through cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Alcohol Addiction
    Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) is a highly adaptable approach to treating an array of disorders, and it has been used to address the needs of various patient groups.
  4. Alcohol Addiction: Assessing and Diagnosing the Client
    This paper considers the case of a 38-year-old welder, who has an alcohol addiction problem: the problem is assessed, diagnosed, and ways in which he can be helped are identified.
  5. Treatment of Opioid Addiction With Buprenorphine
    This research study supports the use of buprenorphine as a therapeutic method of treating opiate addiction because of its efficacy in reducing the associated withdrawal symptoms.
  6. Chemical Dependency: Crisis of Addiction
    Substance abuse refers to the consumption of a drug or a substance of abuse in a way or in an amount that is harmful to the user.
  7. “Addicts Who Survived” by David Courtwright: American Addiction to Narcotics Problem and Anti-drug Policies
    Addicts who survived: An oral history of Narcotic Use in America before 1965 et al. is a history of the American addiction to narcotics problem and anti-drug policies.
  8. Psychoactive Substance Addiction Treatment
    Treatment of the consequences of drug addiction requires a detailed study of the case of a patient. It should also include an integrated approach that involves psychotherapy.
  9. Chemical Dependence: Crisis of Addiction
    Drug abuse and substance use have negative consequences on society. Governments the world over invest heavily in enhancing rehabilitation services to eradicate drug abuse.
  10. Drug Addiction in America: Effects and Solutions
    The problem of illegal drug use is a major health issue in the United States, it affects thousands of people, the specified concern must be handled on the level of state policies.
  11. Pain Management in Patients with Addiction
    Due to the nature of the medicine used in dealing with pain, treating clinicians ought to be very careful not to promote addiction in the process of curbing the pain.
  12. Addiction and 12-Step Programs
    One of the takeaways of the present source is the need to pay specific attention to gratitude and narcissism during the program.
  13. Addiction to Online Gaming
    The paper is an overview of scholarly sources on online gaming addiction and the analysis of narrative inquiry as to the most suitable qualitative research method.
  14. Addiction Theories and Counseling Techniques
    Addiction to substances can develop as a result of several factors, and researchers have tried to explain this occurrence via different approaches.
  15. The Problem of Adolescent Addiction
    The problem of adolescent addiction has a serious spread. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, as well as addictions to games and the Internet negatively affect health.
  16. Cocaine Addiction and Parkinson Disease
    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative condition that has a myriad of manifestations in the motor and non-motor systems.
  17. Behavioral Addictions: Mental Disorders
    The current terminology limits people’s understanding of behavioral addictions and does not cover the range of possible behaviors that lead to mental health issues.
  18. Addiction Treatment: Standards and Best Practices
    The ethical and legal standards in addiction treatment outline the expected professional conduct of counselors, their observance protects clients’ rights, etc.
  19. Transcending Addiction and Redefining Recovery
    To treat addiction, the underlying mental health issue must be resolved. This is connected to the third factor, hope for the future.
  20. Human Services Ethical Considerations as to Tobacco Addiction
    Although there is no risk related to the issue of tobacco use in the United States, it continues to be one of the leading causes of preventable illnesses and death.
  21. Opioid Addiction Between 1850 and 1900 in America
    The timeframe from 1850 to 1900 within American history is remarkable because of the initial crisis of opioid abuse, which affects society to this day.
  22. Addiction: Relapse Dynamics and Prevention
    Addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and drugs is a chronic disease. Treatment for such dependence can continue for a long time, but the possibility of relapse will still be preserved.
  23. Genes and Epigenetic Regulation of Learning and Memory, Addiction, and Parkinson’s Disease
    A review is going to be done on scientific journals that touch on genes and epigenetic regulations of learning and memory, addiction, and Parkinson’s disease.
  24. Alcohol Addiction in a 59-Year-Old Man: Case Study
    The case study concerns Juan, a 59-year-old commercial pilot who has come to visit a clinician at the urging of his son.
  25. Drug Addiction: A Choice or a Medical Disease?
    This article examines two opposing points of view on the problem of drug addiction – does a person have a choice to be a drug addict or is drug addiction a medical disease?
  26. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program
    Successful addiction treatment is comprised of three aspects, constructing the addiction treatment: body, mind, and soul.
  27. Chemical Dependency: Crisis of Addiction
    This paper researches the roots of the issue of substance addiction, its degree of impact, individual and system factors that influence subjects.
  28. Drug Use and Addiction Correlations
    One individual may misuse substances and never develop an addiction, but another may have one encounter and become immediately addicted to that drug.
  29. Policy Memo for Opioid Addiction Among Senior Citizens
    The policy memo aims to communicate what needs to be done regarding opioid addiction among senior citizens and to prevent it.
  30. Cause and Effect of Drug Addiction
    As a result of drug misuse, there are changes in the functioning of neurological pathways in the human brain, with the associated physical; and mental health deterioration.
  31. Addiction Counseling Competency of Assessment
    The addiction counseling competency is selecting and using a “comprehensive assessment process that is sensitive to age, gender, racial and ethnic culture, and disabilities”.

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  1. How Pornographic Addiction Ruins Our Lives?
  2. Internet Addiction and Its Effects on Educational Succes
  3. The Causes and Effects of Heroin Addiction in the United States
  4. Common Signs of Alcohol Dependence, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  5. Technology Addiction Among Youth and Its Impact
  6. Addiction and Substance Abuse During Pregnancy
  7. The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Internet Addiction Among Female College Students
  8. Associations Between Internet Addiction and Physical Activity Among Vietnamese Youths and Adolescents
  9. Religious Treatments for Drug Addiction: An Exploratory Study in Brazil
  10. General Information About Sex Addiction and Possible Treatments
  11. The Physical and Social Effects of Computer Addiction
  12. General Information About Youth and Internet Addiction in China
  13. General Information About Alcohol Addiction Among Teenagers in New Zealand
  14. Tobacco Users Addiction and the Effects of the Use of Tobacco
  15. Characteristics of the Neurological Effects of Alcohol Dependence
  16. General Information About the Alcoholic Addiction: How to Stop Drinking
  17. What Factors Influence the Onset of Drug Addiction?
  18. Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Methamphetamine Addiction
  19. Addiction and Alcohol Consumption: Evidence From Italian Data
  20. Understanding Addiction and Compulsive Behaviour: Analysis of Gambling Addiction
  21. Association Between Internet Addiction and the Risk of Musculoskeletal Pain in Chinese College Freshmen a Cross-Sectional Study
  22. Addiction Counseling for Children of Addicts
  23. Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Political Socialization in America
  24. Gambling: The Problems and History of Addiction, Helpfulness, and Tragedy
  25. Sexual Addiction and Its Devastating Effects

💡 Simple Addiction Essay Ideas

  1. Information Shocks and Cigarette Addiction: Views From Dynamic Panels With Common Structural Changes
  2. Cognitive Dysfunction, Affective States, and Vulnerability to Nicotine Addiction: A Multifactorial Perspective
  3. Why Video Game Addiction Is One of the Urgent Problems Today
  4. Treatment Approaches for Interoceptive Dysfunctions in Drug Addiction
  5. What the Phone Addiction Is a Big Problem of 21 Century
  6. Psychological Problems Associated With Mobile Phone Addiction
  7. Similarities Between Romeo and Juliet’s Passion and Heroin Addiction or Heroin Withdrawal
  8. Selfie Addiction and Its Psychological Effects on Adolescents
  9. Impact of Mobile Phone and Social Media Addiction on Family Relationships
  10. Gambling Addiction and Its Impact on the Individual and the Members of the Family
  11. Risk Factors for Addiction and Their Association With Model-Based Behavioral Control
  12. The Relationship Between Anxiety and Depressant Drug Addiction
  13. Women and Substance Use: Are Women Less Susceptible to Addiction
  14. Technology for Treating and Overcoming Social Media Addiction
  15. Addiction, Social Interactions and Gender Differences in Cigarette Consumption
  16. Companies Should Help Treat Their Employee’s Addiction
  17. Video Game Addiction and the Emotional States: Possible Confusion Between Pleasure and Happiness?
  18. Alcohol Addiction and Its Effects on the Family in the Novel a Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
  19. Children, Computer Addiction, and Problems of Social Development
  20. Comparing and Contrasting Biblical and Professional Views of Addiction
  21. Addiction and the Internet Provides Negatively Affected Psychosocial Factors
  22. Substance Abuse and Addiction: Is There a Solution?
  23. What Are the Effects of Internet Addiction of a Large Number of Youth of Today
  24. Addiction Changes the Way the Brain Processes Information
  25. Substance Abuse and Addiction: Choice or Disease?

📌 Easy Addiction Essay Topics

  1. Violence, Aggression, Addiction Equals Violent Video Games
  2. The Rational Addiction, Health Information and Dynamic Demand of Energy Drinks
  3. Sex Addiction and Its Effects on Children and Adult Are Facing
  4. Children and Video Games – Addiction, Engagement, and Achievement
  5. What Are the Disadvantages of Computer Addiction
  6. How Neuroscience Can Assist With the Treatment of Addiction?
  7. Correlation Between Loneliness and Internet Addiction
  8. How Quit Smoking Using Patches and Say Good-Bye to Addiction?
  9. General Information About Addiction Internet Overeating and Gambling
  10. The Relationship Between Adolescents Stress and Internet Addiction: A Mediated-Moderation Model
  11. Correlation Between Internet Addiction and Academic Assignment
  12. Addicts Are Extremely Adept at Hiding Evidence of Addiction
  13. Psychoanalytic, Genetic, Exposure, and Other Theories Concerning Addiction and Responsibility
  14. Relationship Between Consuming Palatable Food and the Risk of Food Addiction in Children and Adolescents
  15. The Characteristics and Treatment of Drug Addiction in the United States
  16. Trait Emotional Intelligence Profiles of Parents With Drug Addiction and of Their Offspring
  17. What Biological, Psychological, and Social Facts Underlie Addiction
  18. Association Between Internet Addiction and Obesity
  19. Romantic Love vs. Drug Addiction May Inspire a New Treatment for Addiction
  20. Sexual Addiction Among Christians and Sexual Abuse
  21. The Benefits, Health Hazards, and Addiction Concerns of E-Smoking in the United States
  22. Social Networking Addiction Among Hong Kong University Students: Its Health Consequences and Relationships With Parenting Behaviors
  23. Overview of Drug Rehabilitation Programs in the United States
  24. Uncovering the Behavioral Implications of the Rational Addiction Assertion
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