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The Dangers of Speeding While Driving


High speed driving is a dangerous but very common practice and has been blamed for most motor accidents happening in modern day society. Motor accidents lead to fatal injuries that may result in permanent disability and also cause very many premature deaths as well as damage to the vehicles. In terms of monetary costs, over-speeding leads to very expensive and unavoidable costs through motor vehicle repairs, hospitalization, medication and taking care of those who are permanently maimed. If drivers were more willing to take extra caution on the roads, most of these accidents can be avoided because at moderate speed, it unlikely that a driver will lose control of the vehicle.

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High speed driving is a very common phenomenon in modern day society. Many people especially the young adults derive fun from driving at carelessly high speeds, in disregard of the consequences that such kind of practice leads to. Adventure has been blamed as the reason behind high speed driving and the habit becomes difficult to control because adventure is part of human nature. Speed is something that people crave for in practically every area of their lives; a factor that clearly reflects in such sports as athletics, motorcycle racing, rallying and surfing among others. Although there are perceived dangers with these kind of speedy sports, most people are less concerned about the outcome. They are instead carried off in the fun, fame, and success that accompany such games. This has made control of high speed driving a very difficult task because even those who are not involved in the games watch them on television programs and become part of the funfair. High speed driving is therefore a culture that is deeply rooted in human nature but one that can prove to be extremely dangerous in terms of motor accidents and related disadvantages.

The dangers of high speed driving

Motor accidents are the most common and probably most unpleasant outcome of high speed driving. Driving over or above the recommended speed limits on any road, increases chances of the driver losing control of the vehicle. On many roads especially major highways, roadblocks are a very common feature and these have been a major cause of obstruction to speeding drivers who have often found themselves in accidents as a result. Such drivers may also encounter other objects carelessly let on the road by road maintenance workers. At night, one may also encounter people who are driving very slowly and keeping on the wrong lane. This is mainly because some people take speed limits too seriously and rear end collisions become very common in such a setup. On major highways, it is also possible to encounter drivers who have made an error in their turning and are moving in the opposite direction. At very high speed, a driver may be unable to change lanes and encounter a head-on collision. While driving at high speed, braking distance increases, and the safety belts and other devices become less effective and incase of a crash, the injuries sustained can be very severe or death may occur.

When a vehicle is moving at very high speed, a lot of heat is produced from the tires. Friction makes the air inside the tires expand with heat and if too much pressure builds up, there is a likelihood of a tire burst, another major cause of high speed accidents. In such seasons as winter or rainy seasons, roads can get very slippery and drivers have often found themselves veering of the road into ditches or crashing into trees along the road. Besides injuring the driver and any passengers therein, the can be badly damaged. A lot of pedestrian and bicycle riders’ deaths or injuries also result from high speed driving. In residential areas, high speed driving can be extremely dangerous because the driver is bound to encounter an unexpected pet or child, leading to unintentional injury or death(s).


Driving at high speed does not necessarily mean that the driver is not in control but the disadvantages of such practice far much outweigh the advantages. Motor accidents have been a major cause of fatal injuries and deaths. Some survivors of fatal injury end up in permanent disability, which often causes a lot of pain and suffering not only to the person but to the family as well. The monetary costs of hospitalization and medication can be overwhelming. Accidents also damage the vehicles leading to extensive repair and maintenance costs. High speed driving if therefore an unpleasant practice, considering the high cost of emotional and socio-economic effects that result from it. Whether done for fun or other reasons, high speed driving is dangerous and drivers need to take extra caution when driving.

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