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Dangerous Habits of Drivers


Driving has become more common and more difficult than it used to be. It has progressed from being an option to being a compulsion. Being a necessity, more people are on the roads, driving their own vehicle, which has resulted in multiple problems.

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Unsafe driving practices can cause several serious problems such as accidents and can sometimes prove fatal.

Unsafe driving practices

With more and more people hitting the rods more often, in their personal vehicles, driving has become a dangerous activity. Safe driving is practiced by very few drivers, and those who drive dangerously and rashly pose a threat not only to their lives but also to the lives of others on the road. There are several bad driving habits, commonly found among the drivers of today. Some of the more common ones are using the cell phone while driving, drunken driving, driving without seat belts and rash driving, most of which can prove dangerous and change the course of live of those who are affected by these habits.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of human life, but drivers who use the phone while driving, seldom realize the risks of doing so, while driving. Speaking on the mobile phone, while driving is a very dangerous habit and is now a punishable offence in many countries. Speaking on the cell reduces the focus and concentration from the road, distributing the mental attention of the driver between two activities rather than only driving.

As such, cases of accidents while the driver is engaged in a telephonic conversation have increased tremendously. By using cell phones while driving, not only do drivers endanger their own lives but also the lives of their fellow commuters.

Drunken driving

Drunken driving is another extremely hazardous habit. It is a known fact that alcohol is intoxicating and causes drowsiness among those who consume it reducing the control of the driver’s mind over the body and actions. Driving fast and rash driving under the effect of alcohol are two extremely perilous situations and drivers who drink and drive have reduced control over their automobile. They could thus, react late to situations which demand immediate action, for instance applying brakes or steering the wheel in the other direction.

Rash Driving

The drivers of today are over confident and drive way above the prescribed speed levels. Very often high speed makes the driver lose control of the vehicles and causes serious accidents. When driving at high speed, the driver will not be in a position to maneuver the vehicle, and loses control of the vehicle. Drinking reduces the ability of the drivers to follow traffic signals which makes the driving additionally dangerous.

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Not using the seat belt

Further, if the seat belts are not fastened, impacts of accidents increase manifold causing serious and sometimes fatal damages to the drivers. In most cases, the effects of the accidents are long lasting and impede the driver from driving again in life.

Not following traffic signals

Safety rules for driving have been devised for the safety and security of drivers and commuters, and must be adhered to. Failure of abiding by traffic and safety rules or following traffic signals can sometimes change the entire course of life, bringing it to a complete halt.

It is therefore sensible and intelligent to adhere to safety rules and regulations and to follow safe practices of driving to avoid any untoward incidents which can damage the future. Driving is an essential aspect of today’s world and drivers must ensure that driving practices are safe, failing which there is fatal danger not only to their own life but also the lives of other drivers on the roads.

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