The Effects of Neoliberalism as an Economic and Political Doctrine

The effects of neoliberalism as an economic and political doctrine have been addressed in many literary works, movies, and scholarly discussions. The adverse outcomes of the application of this idea to modern American life are discussed in the analyzed paper. The author of the essay argues that despite its theoretical claims to provide wealth and freedom for all, the neoliberal approach enriches only the powerful individuals leaving average people poor and disadvantaged. In support of this argument, the film Elysium and several literature sources are analyzed and interpreted. This critique will address the evaluation of the argument of the paper, its strengths, and weaknesses in terms of the representation of the symbolism of the movie when compared to the issues raised in the readings.

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The argument of the paper is vividly presented and is evolving throughout the text due to the validation of the claim by connecting it to the key ideas discussed by scholars and writers. The core of the paper is the description and analysis of the neoliberal symbolism of the motion picture Elysium (Blomkamp, 2013). The main validations supporting the claim include the idea of the division of society into the powerful, wealthy minorities and lower class, the disruptive influence of technology, and inequality in economic opportunities. Each supporting statement is accurately discussed in the paper, compared to the issues raised in the readings, and tied back to the thesis.

For example, the binary social structure in the futuristic world in Elysium that opposes the rich and the poor is compared to the corporate vision of the world of Fred Koch (MacLean, 2017). Thus, the thesis is clear, relevant to the topic, and is supported by the ideas retrieved from the reputable sources.

The paper has its strong and weak sides which require thoughtful discussion. The power of technology that has been explicitly articulated in the work by Foer (2017) is effectively compared to the way robots and machines are used in Elysium. The author also succeeds in the demonstration of the connection between implicit neoliberal ideas implementation and the economic discrimination of smaller dependent territories like Puerto Rico (Laughland, 2018).

The structure of the paper is logical, well-developed, and the claims are justified with appropriate quotations and referencing of the sources. As for the weaknesses, the overall narration is rather descriptive with many explanatory parts concentrating on the movie plot. Also, the introductory part lacks the key points presentation, although they are clearly declared in corresponding parts of the text. However, the paper arrives at a well-built conclusion that recaps the main issues discussed in the text and states that neoliberal theoretical ideas fail to be accomplished and even become destructive.

In conclusion, the paper is based on a strong argument that is developed throughout the text and is supported by the ideas found in relevant sources. The narration is clear and comprehensive, as well as the structure and thought development are logical. The hidden symbolism of the movie is analyzed from the point of view of the depiction of neoliberal practices as projected onto the future society.

The problems related to the outcomes of neoliberalism are discussed from such points of view as wealth and poverty opposition, technology, and economic inequality. The thesis statement is strengthened by numerous examples and referencing which make the concluding part very convincing. Despite some excessively descriptive parts, the paper effectively delivers the main idea and provides many important issues to consider and think through.

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