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The Essence of Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is a term that is defined differently depending on the sphere of the definition. It encompasses biological, physiological, cultural, legal and philosophical dimensions. Biologically, it is the human’s reproductive system which includes emotions responsible for social bonds and sexual attraction. This involves knowledge of physiological working of one’s body. People can take care of their sexual health when they know their sexuality. The gender dimension utilizes the state of being male or female which we often refer to as the sex of a person.

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This has brought a greater degree of contrast when human sexuality is mentioned. It explains why as children, people learn that girls associate differently from boys, and that there are games and toys for the different sexes. Physiological dimension welcomes the mind, which implies that sexual behavior and experiences are highly influenced by the mind. Accordingly, a person will feel good about their sexuality if their image is equally good. These factors are in one way or the other controlled by society and culture as captured by the socio-cultural dimension of sexuality. This presents influence that a society’s beliefs, religion, the media, ethics and politics has on what we think and do in regard to that which pertains sex.

These dimensions have given rise to beliefs for religions, myths for traditions, and practices for societies most from earlier era. To start with, homosexuality is a practice that has gained popularity in almost all continents. It has even gone to the church with ordination of Anglican bishops, whereas the same church in other areas highly condemn it. Whether it is right or wrong is relative to one’s beliefs. On Christian and Jewish grounds it goes to the days when the Israelites were being given laws by God in the Bible’s book of Leviticus, where a man who sleeps with another had committed an abomination and was to be punished by death. This is a belief carried forward from way back by its proponents to give justification for condemning same sex relationships as we see it today. So are premarital and extramarital affairs.

Secondly, though also not strictly defined, abortion is deemed evil. The proponents argue that a woman has control of her body and can choose to hold or terminate a pregnancy hence its being legal in many states. Those against- the prolife refer to it as killing an innocent victim hence evil. This perception differs with religions, religions which were set way before we were born. Confucianism for instance will allow abortion depending on its intention.

The case is told of Lisa (assumed to be pregnant) in Greenberg’s book, whose Korean roots and Confucianism affiliation would allow abortion to avoid bringing shame to her family which sees pregnancy before marriage a worse crime. The Roman Catholic on the other hand will highly condemn such an act under its dogma which goes back to thousands of years back and does not allow any form of contraception (Greenberg, 2007, p. 7).

Third, the role of women in many societies has constrained her in the ‘kitchen’, while allowing wife battering. Indian women for instance can forego professional development to take care of the family, or if the husband feels she should do so. While it is common today in some Indian and African societies, it has been passed on from earlier generations and can be shunned anyway.

Most beliefs, myths and traditions have been overtaken by time. It is best to take in what is good and learn to shun that which is detrimental.

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