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The Ethics and Governance Course Description and Ethical Message

After completing UU200 Ethics and Governance, I have learned that our decisions and actions affect our lives and those around us. This course has changed my outlook and behavior towards other people and the world. The discussion on ethical theories has given me a sense of responsibility for treating others in various places. I understood why we should consider the people around us and uphold ethical life in our daily activities. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to shape their moral values, build personal determination, and have a different view of the world and their actions. In this post, I will reflect on the course and what ethical message I bring to the world.

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The most important principle that I learned in this course is deontology, which emphasizes the relationship between duty and the morality of one’s action. Through this principle of ethics, I can distinguish between right and wrong actions before engaging in any activity that requires ethical justifications. This ethical theory is associated with Immanuel Kant, who believed that universal moral laws follow virtuous actions.

The Philosopher employed various approaches to moral matters such as utilitarianism, fairness, justice, and relationships. I choose this principle because it guides me in my daily life toward following rules and doing my duty. Deontology fits well in modern society with our natural initiation that we understand what is ethical. The world needs individuals who can stand by their actions and do morals even in the worst times. Through ethical decision-making, one does not require to weigh the cost and value action will bring but instead act the most honestly as our decisions affect everyone.

I identify myself the most with the utilitarian theory of ethics. Utilitarianism holds the most ethical choice for the greatest good of the people. This theory has changed my mentality and actions, and thus, I have acquired self-determination in doing good. I have found that after taking this course, I wish to spend a lot of time doing positive things and influencing other people. In addition, I am learning more about healthy habits and how to appreciate other people when making decisions.

From this theory, I built a positive attitude towards other coursemates and my family members. The utilitarianism theory is associated with Jeremy Bentham and John Mill, who stood for the greatest number of goods for society’s most considerable number of people. I commit to creating a positive environment for others in all areas, as it is the maxim of my chosen theory. Through this, I will impact the current and future generations as ethical decision-making is theoretically and practically valuable. When young people can understand what moral action is required, the world will be a better place to care about our actions and decisions.

Understanding this theory has shaped my views and actions in numerous ways. I cannot harm anyone because of any disagreement as I can hold frustrations and have a peaceful negotiation. Through utilitarian ethical reasoning, I can relate with my workmates more professionally and create understanding in areas of conflict. I aligned my life goals to increasing the number of good things that I do for other people and the world and ensuring I do not cause pain and suffering. To those who wrong me, I have refrained from revenging but forgiving easily and focusing on the positive attributes of the engagement. This has changed my life, and how I treat people, I come across in my daily routine, which is the reason why I feel proud to have taken this course.

As we battle the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of Fiji, and the world, my ethical message is that honesty, love, justice, and fairness are the common good. The pandemic has ravaged the globe, and recovery requires everyone to abide by the principles of good governance. Being accountable for our actions and treating others with justice and equality is ethical in such times. Everyone has moral duty to challenge actions and behaviors that do not promote integrity and responsibility. The world needs people who can show empathy, altruism, and act of generosity to others as they form the foundation of human interaction.

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Many countries are going through a brutal economic downturn due to the adverse impacts the pandemic caused. Because of this, many people lost jobs, while others are unable to sustain themselves now. After taking Ethics and Governance, it became clear that we must care for them and show love without discriminating against them. With the modern advancement in medical devices and medication, health professionals should conduct themselves ethically when dealing with patients.

In addition, the police service should have their actions guided when dealing with citizens and suspected criminals. There is a need to shift focus from making people pay for the crimes committed to refraining and preventing society from committing crimes by educating and positively impacting them. Practicing the common good for the largest number of people globally is the most ethical action learned in this course.

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