The Future of Nursing

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published a report that set goals for changing the nursing workforce. The main focus of this document was on education that can serve as both a foundation for practice and its improvement tool (Pittman, Bass, Hargraves, Herrera, & Thompson, 2015).

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Currently, each nurse working towards a bachelor’s or other degrees contribute to the aims outlined in the Future of Nursing report. My education is a part of achieving these objectives as well. The following reflection will discuss my participation in the main recommendations of the IOM Future of Nursing as well as my professional opportunities.

IOM Future of Nursing Recommendations

The fourth recommendation declares that the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree should be increased by 80% by the year 2020. My training fits into this role directly as I am a part of those professionals whose learning will lead to a degree in Nursing. According to Pittman et al. (2015), more and more nurses obtain higher education in order to improve their practice. While my contribution does not mean that the number of all nurses with a bachelor’s degree will increase by 80%, I will be among those professionals who chose to pursue a path to higher education.

In the following years, I will likely pursue other degrees, potentially achieving a doctorate at some point. While it is possible that it will not happen by 2020, I will commit to improving my skills as well as guiding other professionals towards realizing that education plays a significant role in healthcare. Thus, I do not fit into the recommendation fully, but my training may result in a higher number of nurses with a doctorate in the future.

Finally, I believe that the recommendation for lifelong learning is the most valuable suggestion. Nurses with any experience and degree should not think that they have acquired enough knowledge never to concern themselves with education again. Instead, they should strive to learn more each day through universities, courses, scholarly literature, and the latest nursing news. I engage in these practices as well and, thus, adhere to the recommendation to the best of my abilities.

Options in the Job Market

Currently, my educational level offers me a limited set of positions that I can occupy. However, the completion of a bachelor’s degree may not only provide me with more opportunities in hospitals but also open a path to a career in academics and policy-making. Thus, my competitiveness on the market will rise as I will acquire leadership and communicational skills as well as knowledge needed for in-depth research.

Currently, the number of nursing students continues to rise, increasing the difficulty of the competition as a result. A degree will allow me to aim for higher positions and an option for professional growth. LeFlore and Thomas (2016) find that nurses with higher education can innovate the health industry, providing safe and high-quality care to patients. By using theoretical and practical information obtained during training, I will be able to make informed decisions, propose new research projects, help patients and staff with their healthcare-related concerns.

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The goals of IMO Future of Nursing are centered on education for a reason. Knowledge and skill attainment lead to nurses who are prepared not only to deliver quality care but also to drive the industry forward. I hope that my contribution will place me among other leaders and policymakers who improve care and provide patients with the latest and safest treatment. Education will also help me to find a job with a prospect for growth.


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