Vaccinations for Childrens


  • Evidence-based projects improve nurses’ practical skills.
  • They integrate theoretical knowledge into health care.
  • The discussed issue is vaccinations.
  • Vaccines are recommended for children (Alexander, Lacy, Myers, & Lantos, 2016).
  • Some parents are afraid of vaccines.
  • Education about vaccines’ benefits is vital.

Importance of Evidence-Based Projects

  • Master’s degrees focus on specific skills.
  • Evidence-based projects implement theory into practice.
  • Nurses improve ways of knowledge implementation.
  • Projects concern real problems of communities.
  • Nurses utilize learnings for contemporary issues.
  • Such projects can benefit current providers.


  • ACE Star Model of the Cycle of Knowledge Transformation
  • 5 points (Figure 1):
    • Discovery – Data about problems is collected.
    • Evidence Summary – Pertinent information is summarized.
    • Translation – Knowledge is systematized for the utilization.
    • Integration – Information is adopted into practice.
    • Evaluation – The project’s results are assessed (Correa-de-Araujo, 2016).
Ace Star Model of the Cycle of Knowledge Transformation
Figure 1. Ace Star Model of the Cycle of Knowledge Transformation (Summer Institute of Evidence-Based Practice, 2008).

Specialty Track

  • Chosen Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).
  • FNPs have an extensive knowledge base.
  • They work with a variety of patients.
  • The occupation requires great interpersonal skills.
  • They discuss the public’s contemporary concerns.
  • FNPs focus on patient health education.

Area of Interest: What is Known

  • Vaccination was introduced in the 18th century.
  • Immunization offers many benefits for people.
  • Many diseases were eliminated by vaccines.
  • Vaccines protect people from infections.
  • Among the most widespread healthcare practices (Doherty, Buchy, Standaert, Giaquinto, & Prado-Cohrs, 2016).

Area of Interest: Common Themes

  • Vaccination always was a controversial subject
  • Many campaigns call to make immunizations mandatory
  • In the US, vaccines are recommended
  • Immunization can start at birth
  • The quality of vaccines continues to rise.
  • Unvaccinated people can endanger others (Doherty et al., 2016; Fadda, Depping, & Schulz, 2015).

Common Issue

  • Parents can refuse vaccination for children
  • Basis: religion, fear of adverse effects
  • Unvaccinated children are exposed to viruses
  • Some parents are misinformed about immunization
  • They believe that vaccines cause illnesses
  • The coverage of some diseases decreases (Alexander et al., 2016; Fadda et al., 2015).

Recommendation for Positive Change

  • Educational programs for parents and caretakers
  • Recognition of patients’ concerns and thinking
  • Focus on the advantages of immunization
  • Refutation of disproven or unjustified beliefs
  • Parents’ positive reinforcement and psychological empowerment
  • Materials with simple content and recommendations (Alexander et al., 2016; Fadda et al., 2015).

Internal Factors Affecting Change

  • Added research of misinterpretation is needed
    • Patients may not participate in studies
    • Parents’ competence is difficult to assess (Fadda et al., 2015)
  • Lack of resources for the program
    • Healthcare providers may have other priorities
    • Finances, staff, and time are needed (Alexander et al., 2016).

External Factors Affecting Change

  • Some organizations oppose vaccines actively
    • Their participation staggers research and implementation.
    • Open dialogue is necessary to proceed.
  • Parents’ literacy levels affect their understanding.
    • Low reading comprehension negatively affects education
    • Patient’s social barriers disrupt learning (Fadda et al., 2015).

AACN Master’s Essentials

  • “Essential I: Background for Practice from Sciences” (AACN, 2011, p. 4)
    • Examination of the present research is vital.
    • Vaccination studies help develop educational plans.
  • “Essential VIII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health” (AACN, 2011, p. 5)
    • Delivery of information to impacted populations.
    • Prevention of future diseases through vaccination.


  • Immunization is vital in health care.
  • Vaccines eliminated and suppressed many diseases.
  • Children’s vaccination schedule starts at birth.
  • Some parents refuse immunization for children.
  • Young patients are exposed to infections.
  • Parents’ education can increase their understanding.


Alexander, K., Lacy, T. A., Myers, A. L., & Lantos, J. D. (2016). Should pediatric practices have policies to not care for children with vaccine-hesitant parents? Pediatrics, 138(4), e20161597.

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Summer Institute of Evidence-Based Practice. (2008). Ace Star Model of the Cycle of Knowledge Transformation. Web.

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