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The Future of the Meat Industry


The meat industry concentrates on the production, packing, preservation, and marketing of meat. This sphere of agriculture is fully industrialized now, like many others. Obviously, the meat industry has a big future and will only be developing. There are innovative technologies implemented now that decrease the damage to the environment and increase meat quality. Besides, it will be only profitable for the owners of the industry to meet the needs of the growing population. As long as the vast majority of people will eat meat, the industry will thrive, even if it is limited due to some environmental damage.

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There are several reasons why the development of the meat industry will be intensifying, and one of the main is the growth of the population. Though the number of vegans and vegetarians is rising, it is the main account of India because of religious and economic reasons. Therefore, it is not an indicator of a severe shift in people’s attitude towards meat. However, “production efficiency needs to increase, and production should be sustainable for the environment” to prevent any disruption of the natural balance (Bayram & Gökırmaklı, 2020, p. 90). Thus, the meat industry has perspectives of development in the future because the need for meat will increase the growth of the population.

In addition, technologies in the meat industry will be intensively developed to improve the quality of the final product. It is supposed that the number of meat consumers and its production is increasing; in that case, it is necessary to implement innovative technologies to ensure the safety of the product’s health (Ida, 2020). Someone may argue that the owners of this industry will not spend money on introducing particular technologies into production; they are interested in profit, not in consumers’ health. However, he does not know that they are already introduced, for example, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and others. Therefore, the future meat industry will be more technologically advanced than it is now to maintain and improve quality in the face of population growth and environmental change.


To conclude, although some may prophesy the sunset of the meat industry, it will not only continue its production but also improve it. The growth of the world’s population and the changing environment demand this. It will develop its production technology to meet the needs of the majority of the population. The meat industry is adapting to the need to reduce environmental damage and maintain quality while producing more.


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