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The Fyre Festival 2017 Project Management

Fyre festival 2017 organizers should have considered having a quality assurance team to enhance the event’s success. For a project to be successful, it has to deliver quality that exceeds customer expectations while also considering the costs. A quality assurance team plays a significant role in avoiding mistakes in the products or services a project aims to deliver (Westland, 2018). Achieving quality requirements helps to promote a goods or service’s integrity, thus increasing customer satisfaction. The team also helps to identify possible errors in a project plan and recommend potential interventions to address them. This reduces the chances of the products or services from a project not meeting quality requirements. A project that includes a quality assurance team in its planning process maximizes the chances of success and achieving the desired quality.

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When planning for an event, organizers have to consider having a quality assurance team to prevent failure. The team develops a quality assurance plan that outlines the strategies and processes to be followed to ensure that quality desires are achieved. The plan also aids in identifying problems and disadvantages that are likely to arise in a project and developing strategies to overcome them. A quality management team also engages in auditing project quality to ensure that all activities are performed according to defined processes and decisions (Aldridge, 2021). This helps to minimize errors and enhances the chances of meeting desired requirements.

Auditing the project’s quality would have played a significant role in preventing the problems experienced during the Fyre festival. The event organizers and advertisers branded it as a luxurious one promising a memorable experience to the guests. The luxurious promise made the event tickets cost up to one hundred thousand dollars. Even though the organizers had promised luxurious accommodation for the guests, they found themselves lying on mattresses on flooded floors and received poor meals. The guests also complained of their luggage being mishandled since they were dumped in an unlit car park (Baggs, 2019). The event did not meet the expectations of the guests who had paid for expensive tickets to attend.

If the event organizers had a quality assurance team, it would have been easy to identify project activities that would have affected the quality and enhanced failure chances. This would have provided an avenue for the organizers to initiate improvements to meet the luxurious specifications defined to the guests. In this case, a quality assurance team helps in ensuring that a project fulfills customer expectations, thus a high acceptance rate (Josh, 2017). Auditing the quality of a project helps to reduce the costs incurred in managing its quality.

A quality assurance team also analyzes the quality of a project to assess activities and identify what to do to enhance their value. This helps to ensure that all project activities are efficient enough to maximize success. This would have helped minimize the chances of the Fyre festival failing by ensuring that all its activities met the guest’s expectations of a grand event as promised during marketing. This would have helped to ensure that the services received by the guests during the event compensated for the expensive tickets paid to attend it.

Organizers of the Fyre festival should have considered upholding honesty when promoting the event to the potential audience. The organizers relied on influencer marketing to inform their desired guests about the event and how luxurious it would be. However, the organizers did not match the promotion during the event hence the dissatisfaction among the guests who had paid for expensive tickets. In this case, it would have been better for the event’s planners to be honest with the audience about what they were promoting rather than over-promising and not delivering (Laspina, 2017). It would also be necessary for the organizers to have a backup plan that would help to address any problems experienced during the event. Even though the planners tried to initiate a backup plan to address the commotion faced during the festival, it could not accommodate many attendees.

Another recommendation that would have played a significant role in enhancing the festival’s success is the organizers taking more time during the planning process. The organizers spent only a few months planning for the event, thus there was a high possibility of missing important details that led to disorganization during the event. Spending more time during the planning process helps to ensure that all aspects of a project are adequately addressed to minimize the chances of failure. Fyre festival would be a success had the organization paid attention to its desired location. Even though the sandy beach selected to host the event had an incredible view, it did not have enough space to handle the high number of guests who paid for the tickets and performance structures. The event’s organizers would have assessed the number of guests who had bought the tickets and chose a location that would accommodate all of them (Dodd, 2019). The organizers should also have considered having a budget to ensure that it met all the luxurious promises made to the guests. A reasonable budget would have helped to ensure that customer expectations were satisfied.

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