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The Global Dispute of Pakistan and India as to Kashmir

Introduction and Background

The Kashmir conflict is directed to the global dispute of Pakistan and India as to Kashmir which is considered to be the region of Indian Territory. The problem is that Kashmir is related to the part of India which never found support on the part of Pakistan as to this stated stance; according to the government of Pakistan, it is Kashmiri people who should decide their final status. This conflict resulted in a constant state of war between two independent lands. Three great wars appeared to be the price that people of the involved countries paid for national contradictions caused by a territorial dispute.

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The date of the conflict is 1947 and since that time it continues to take place. When Kashmir was to choose which country to join, its population preferred to join India or be independent. It led to the first burst of war events which did not stop and followed one after another.

Kashmir as a Part of India

Constant political and national contradictions would never bring an end to this conflict. Analyzing the situation and way of life of Kashmiri people, it should be better for them to be a part of India because of a great number of reasons.

  • Indian economy has a favorable impact on the economical development of Kashmir;

The number of workplaces and the development of industry in Kashmir does not satisfy the needs of the population. The only way out for improvement of the situation is to join India and get its support. It would improve and widen the possibilities of the country and result in the future development of its economical sphere. The level of unemployment would be reduced which can lead to economical growth.

  • Needs of the educational system development can be reached with the help of Indian impact and involvement of its methods to the system of education;

The institutions of Kashmir need to be developed and accredited to provide the population with a high level and quality of educational service. Children and youth of Kashmir can be provided with necessary educational centers and universities sponsored and accredited with the help of Indian involvement in its system.

  • Kashmir needs to be reconstructed and this aspect can be fulfilled with the help of the Indian government and its support;

The Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh stated that reconstruction of Kashmir would demand a lot of costs and efforts. But this process would bring more advantages to the way of life of the population. Firstly, a lot of educational and cultural centers that were destroyed during war events would be reconstructed and improved. Secondly, a great variety of unemployed people would be provided with a good and high-paid job for a long time which can change the general rate of life in Kashmir for the better. And finally, it would lead not only to the reconstruction of important cultural centers but also to the unity of two different cultures and religions, interests, and ways of life.

  • In case Kashmir joined India, it would help to save the state and national values of the country;

The most powerful sides of Kashmir have always been its cultural values. Nowadays India is considered to be one of the most developing countries in terms of culture, science, religion, etc. This fact would compulsory leave a print and influence the development of the cultural values of Kashmir. Kashmir needs to attract more tourists to become a cultural center and develop its economy on the international level. India would provide the population of Kashmir with new hope for a better future and national wealth of the country and help to restore and save all cultural monuments and places.

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India invests in the development of Kashmir a lot; it is about 1 million dollars a day for its protection. India spends about 700 000 dollars a week on its economy and educational system. These figures prove the complete dependence of Kashmir’s success on the support and financial aids on the part of India. Percent of protection support from India is very significant and Kashmir gets billions of dollars for the security of the land and its economical and industrial development.


The research carried out showed that India should be an integral part of Kashmir whatever the cost because it can positively influence the life of its society and the whole country itself. The representatives of Pakistan and India should come to terms and aim their strategies and efforts at the reconstruction of Kashmir rather than war events and constant national conflicts.

The development of the economics in Kashmir completely depends on the Indian influence on it and the population of the country is aware of this fact. Kashmir as a part of India would reach high development of an economical system with the reduced level of unemployment, tourism development, and the industrial peak of the country. The burst of war events covering the countries destroy the important political and cultural values and it led to the necessity to reconstruct Kashmir. Only being a part of India, Kashmir would reach the favorable condition of its economical and political systems.


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