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The Great Wall Between Mexico and the USA

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The Great Wall of America between Mexico and the United States has caused and evoked a number of debates concerning its construction and its use. There is a host of people who support the construction of the Wall viewing it as important. Nonetheless, some people regard the Wall as an obstacle for such international affairs as trade and the exchange of commodities between the two regions, Mexico and the United States (Magon 214).

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There arises a need for analyzing the merits and the shortcomings of the Great Wall of America between Mexico and the United States to ascertain the credibility of both claims. I am of the opinion that the Wall is not the best way of protecting the American territory from its inversion.

The Wall and the border patrol officers consider Mexicans as intruders; there are a considerable number of illegal immigrants fleeing to the United States of America. The Wall has significantly reduced illegal immigration and drug trafficking into the United States of America (Gonzalez 200). It might be noted that there are shortcomings in the governance of the border security system that allows the immigrants to access the forbidden area. The weakness concerns the national guards and the border patrol police while executing their official duties.

The funds spent on the construction of the Wall could be redirected to the purchase and the installation of more innovative sensor systems as well as hiring more manpower. The physical barriers should not be the main focus in order to prevent illegal immigrants from all points of the border. The main aim of the border patrol unit is to capture and return refugees, which can be effectively performed by the sensor systems.

The Wall can only be used to prevent immigrants from some particular parts of the border, unlike sensor systems that may curb the mass movements of people along the whole border. For instance, most immigrants from Mexico flee to the United States through the southern region (Ganster and Lorey 304). Therefore, the southern part of the border is the part that requires the highest levels of security surveillance.

The Wall causes harm to the immigrants as well as the citizens of the United States. Sometimes immigrants may get shot by the National Guard and the border patrol officers revealing that there exist high levels of discrimination and impunity among the security personnel on the border. The Wall being a barrier in many areas prompts the immigrants to cross inhospitable locations. After getting to the United States, the Mexicans settle down and give birth to many children who automatically become citizens of America by birth. They begin to utilize the American resources and the social amenities that are available (Magon 221).


The Wall of America between Mexico and the United States is not the solution for illegal immigration. Even though the borders are being safeguarded and lots of immigrants are being killed, Mexicans still force their way to the United States. The government still continues to expose the security officers on the boarders who are well known to take bribes from immigrants (Gansler & Lorey 264).

By means of migration Mexicans avoid harsh economic conditions of their country that have resulted in low standards of living. America should opt for different means of averting the illegal immigrants from Mexico. Probably, America should embark on helping Mexico in acquiring strong economics and supporting its own citizens.

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