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The Healthcare Policy: Bill H.R. 3340

Bill H.R. 3340: Tribal Healthcare Careers Act

  • introduced into Congress on June 19, 2019
  • currently in the first stage of the legislative process
  • significant importance for the American health care system
  • better access of native Americans to health care career (Tribal Healthcare Careers Act )
  • development of cultural diversity in health care workforce

Cultural diversity provides valuable resources for the development of inclusive health systems

  • it is especially important for nursing
  • intercultural competence and cultural diversity of workforce (Ritter & Graham, 2016)
  • competent and effective treatment for patients
  • greater understanding of native Americans health needs
  • removing cultural barriers in providing tribal health care

The bill will contribute to developing nurses’ ability to demonstrate cultural competence towards patients with different values, beliefs and feelings

  • cultural competence in nursing will be enhancing
  • contribution to solving tribal health problems
  • considering the individual social needs of patients (Edberg, 2019)
  • individual cultural and psychological needs of patients (Edberg, 2019)
  • improving tribal health care practices

The bill implies improving health education for tribal representatives

  • improving professional education in health care for tribal representatives
  • enabling and encouraging continuous learning
  • striving to excellence in public health care
  • understanding of factors determining tribal public health
  • licensing of tribal level medical activities

It is expected to reduce inequalities in health and to provide optimal care for patients regardless of race, ethnicity, mother tongue, or religious and cultural beliefs

  • providing tribal patients with care equal to other citizens
  • enhancing striving to achieving universal health coverage
  • strengthening the key role of health workers in care equality
  • better care for patients in remote areas
  • optimization of care regardless race, beliefs

The key role of health workers in achieving universal health coverage takes on even greater importance in the face of global health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic

  • providing protection for vulnerable groups during pandemic
  • measures to contain the spread of the virus
  • enabling better response to the pandemic
  • work of tribal nurses in extraordinary circumstances
  • guidance and support needed to keep nurses safe

In Canada, during the epidemic of the H1N virus, 16% of hospitalized patients were Aboriginal, although these peoples comprise only 3.4% of the country’s population (Ritter & Graham, 2016).

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  • indigenous people are more affected by infections
  • they are more affected especially by new infections
  • the key role of nurses in achieving universal health coverage in tribes
  • many Native Americans live in remote areas
  • better access to care during pandemic

Native Americans belong to vulnerable groups of population, especially during crisis such as current COVID-19 pandemic

  • the role of nurses in treatment and prevention increases
  • crucial conditions under which effective prevention is possible
  • proper understanding of cultural beliefs of Native Americans
  • proper understanding of tribes life and health practices
  • systemic approach to intercultural health care for tribes

Broader inclusion of nurses from this group of population into the workforce in health care facilities will contribute to better intercultural competence of staff

  • leading to better treatment, communication with patients
  • leading to more effective education of tribal patients
  • making the system more accessible to all cultures
  • reducing inequalities as a result of cultural differences
  • reducing inequalities due to language barriers (Ritter & Graham, 2016)

Adoption of the bill will contribute to reducing cultural inequalities in health care and better nurses competence.

  • the bill is “educating” document for nurses
  • bill shows society’ awareness about tribal health problems
  • the bill suggests greater inclusion of tribal nurses
  • broad possibilities to enjoy organizational diversity benefits
  • better knowledge sharing culture in health care facilities

I believe that my own nursing practice will benefit from adoption of this bill

  • possibility to raise my intercultural competence
  • bill adoption would contribute to organizational diversity
  • will bring the culture of tolerance among my colleagues
  • will bring knowledge sharing among my colleagues
  • improving skills and knowledge on tribal health care

I would suggest all my colleagues to read the bill and draw up their own opinion

  • my colleagues should think through the bill
  • make effort to understand tribal health care needs
  • they should comprehend the suggested measures
  • they should understand the goal of bill and measures
  • they should plan appropriate changes in their activity

Non-adoption means society is not ready to diversity challenges in health care

  • pure development of remote areas
  • lack of overall development of remote areas
  • needs of all vulnerable groups are not understood
  • lack of intercultural competencies in nurses
  • not reducing cultural inequalities in health care


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