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The Immigration Policy Dilemma

The problem of ethical behavior and fair solutions is reflected in the philosophical work of American professor Stephen Macedo. The primary meaning of the article is reflected in the title: the multi-page essay is devoted to assessing the positive and negative sides of moral justice of the U.S. immigration policy (Macedo, 2018). Macedo asks the correct and acute social question about the fairness of the assistance provided to migrants in the interests of US citizens.

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It is difficult to determine which side the professor himself adheres to unambiguously. Looking at immigration policy as a cube, Macedo is very precise in identifying its different facets. On the one hand, according to the researcher, the state and people should be cosmopolitan and hospitable to all visitors. However, almost immediately, the author expresses the opposite opinion, according to which, if there is a threat to the population of the country, then the borders for migrants should be closed immediately (Macedo, 2018). Macedo looks at several causal links between the immigration problem and the availability of cheap power, between the massive influx of foreign visitors who came to work temporarily, and global unemployment caused by their desire to stay.

Despite the dilemma, the author strongly believes that there should be fundamental compassion and respect between people and a desire to help others. He concludes that the Government should be more effective in developing guest policies to avoid infringing on people’s rights but also to prevent situations of discrimination and stigmatization (Macedo, 2018). Ultimately, people must take the responsibility for the actions they commit. Although, in his view, such reliable work is more between residents than between populations and migrants. This research work is rich in statistics and figures on vulnerable groups. It creates a direct link between immigration policy factors and the impact on persons with disabilities, veterans, and the poor. Despite some one-sidedness of this study, it encourages readers in social justice and mutual care.


Macedo, S. (2018). The moral dilemma of U.S. immigration policy revisited: open borders vs. social justice? Web.

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