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The Impact of Government on Business in the US

The choices made by the government and its representatives, including the related bodies of authority, are supposed to reinforce the principles of democracy and create the economic, social, political, and legal environment in which the citizens of the state are able to advance successfully (International Trade Administration, 2016). Having a huge impact on every single domain of people’s lives, the identified decisions can be viewed as the factors that define one’s success in the selected domain since they determine the relevant opportunities and threats. Small businesses are also affected largely by the new policy.

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For instance, the changes in the approach to the healthcare system management have taken their toll on the way in which I run my small logistics business, making it rather difficult to manage the operational costs and acquiring the necessary equipment due to the recent tax adjustments. In order to handle the issues, one will have to consider a sustainable approach toward the use of the financial resources, as well as other assets of the organization; furthermore, a detailed exit strategy will have to be developed so that no major losses could be taken, should an accident occur.

Therefore, the U. S. Constitution demands that the process of forecasting the operational costs, which my logistics company will suffer in the process of delivering the services to the end customer, should be determined by the Congress policy. On the one hand, the identified idea seems rather favorable for me and my business since the regulations set by Congress will shield my firm from the threats associated with financial fraud and similar danger soft eh global economy realm. Furthermore, the use of the Congress policies will also imply that I will be provided with a range of rights to carry out the relevant transactions and gain the revenue.

Moreover, given the fact that my organization will comply with the principles of the National Surface Transportation Policy set by Congress, it will be reasonable to suggest that orderliness can be introduced into the management of legal issues and operational processes. Thus, managing the organization and its essential processes becomes much easier.

However, the necessity to comply with the regulations set by Congress also has its problems, the issue of taxation being the key one. Taxes have always been a point of concern in the environment of transportation and logistics, yet the recent changes to the U.S. economy and foreign policy must have affected the identified industries especially negatively. The tension between the United States and other countries seems to have created a plethora of impediments to the successful management of the logistics business (Baskin, 2017).

Apart from the foundational principles of running a business, I also must comply with the policies related to drugs and material hazards transportation. Apart from regular registration fees, the current framework implies that civil fines and penalties are an integral part of the logistics business. While the concern for the environmental safety of U.S. citizens is understandable, it is desirable that U.S. policies should put a heavier emphasis on the prevention of accidents rather than the reinforcement of penalties.

Therefore, as an owner of a small logistics company, I find the current system of governmental control reasonable yet rather outdated. Significant changes must be made so that the regulations could help promote safer business instead of hampering U.S. economic growth. A change in people’s perception of the issue may lead to the alteration of the current legal framework.

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