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The Importance of the American Literature Course

I: Since the beginning of this term, I have known that things would be different for students taking the American literature course in their final year. My sentiments are not meant to nullify the importance of other courses offered in the school, but to highlight the significance of this course to my academics and future professional life.

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Teacher: In what way has the course been important for you?

I: Firstly, I would like to thank you for your efforts and encouragement throughout the term and for the immense achievements that we have made as a class. Secondly, I would like to state that unlike other courses learnt at the beginning of the term, American literature is the climax of them all. Unlike other courses, the American literature is built on the basic notions. In this relation, the course can be regarded as an application of other courses learnt at lower levels. This application ranges from correct application of features of style, language and personification that we learnt in other courses.

Teacher: Which courses or lessons have been beneficial in this particular course?

I: We started the term by analyzing short stories and poems. The different literature tools have been beneficial in establishing the foundation of the American literature. In particular, short stories have enhanced my creativity by giving me a chance to read works of other writers. Short stories have also enhanced my ability to develop themes and other important aspects of written literature. In addition, poems that we covered through the course have enabled me to acquire an additional literature skill. Poems have enabled me to learn different methods of enhancing or creating rhythm in works of literature. In addition, reading and writing poems has enabled to enhance the flow of my writing. Finally, the different poems that we covered in the course have contributed to my ability of identifying features of style in different forms of writings.

Teacher: The course seems to have been of significance in your academics, how else have you benefited from the course?

I: I believe that social life of a student is of equal significance to their academic and social life and, therefore, there should be a thin boundary between the two aspects. Unlike other courses learnt in the school, the American literature has maintained a thin line between academics and social life. This is because American literature is the only course whereby students can socialize as they conduct studies. This was achieved through the different discussion groups and forums that we conducted throughout the course. Other than the discussion groups, the American literature is the only course that incorporates humor aspect in academics.

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Teacher: I believe that you are aware of the professional life ahead of you after your studies. How do you expect to benefit from your experience with the course?

I: It is a fact that professional life is the climax of academics life. In this relation, I expect to have a successful career life established on theoretical foundations of the different lessons that we learnt in the American literature. The course has enabled me to acquire useful literature skills such as writing, listening and brainstorming. In addition, the course has greatly improved my grammar and writing style.

Teacher: I hope that you will put all that we have learnt throughout this course in practice. I also hope that you will be able to utilize the different skills that you have acquired during the term. I wish you success in your future endeavors.

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