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The Issue of Obesity: Reasons and Consequences

Obesity is a crucial problem in the modern society of the 21st century. According to the research of Choi et alSince 1980, the number of people suffering from this disease has doubled; it is a significant concern of healthcare workers from different countries (6). The lifestyle has changed noticeably during the last decades: most humans spend their time solving intellectual tasks and sitting in front of the monitor for hours. What is more, the level of stress increases significantly, especially among people in big cities. However, these factors are a regular part of the everyday routine of millions of human beings, and that is why the solution to this problem is a challenging issue for specialists. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the chosen scientific work and to provide a personal opinion on the conclusions of the article and the danger of obesity.

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The velocity of obesity among people of diverse nationalities and gender is a serious concern of the healthcare workers as the situation becomes impossible to control. Chooi et al. claim that this disease is spread worldwide, and there are no significant differences among the countries or regions (6). It is essential to mention the methods of the diagnosis of obesity. The authors of the article point out that the percent of fat in the body that is supposed to be healthy cannot be universal for everyone. The scientists propose an example where they maintain that Asians usually have more fat than Caucasians (Chooi et al. 9). Nevertheless, the problem is that their BMI may significantly differ (Chooi et al. 9). It means that obesity cannot be diagnosed only by understanding the percentage of fat; it requires considering diverse parameters. Among them are the nationality, the family anamnesis, quality of life, and others. What is more, this disease is claimed to be the reason for severe illnesses such as diabetes or cancer (Chooi et al. 7). The system of diagnosing obesity should be improved, and other factors like BMI have to be taken into account.

It is hard to investigate if obesity is an epidemic or the problem is in the behavior of people. On the one hand, it can be observed that if so many human beings suffer from it, the cause of the problem may be the worsening of the ecological situation or the quality of products. On the other hand, it is possible to assume that humans became lazier and more hedonistic. The negative impact of work in the office and computer monitors cannot be underestimated, but there are many options to ameliorate the situation. It is necessary to work out, go for a walk, or have a jog in the park. Instead of these activities, people prefer sitting in front of the TV set and having a full-fledged meal before going to bed. It is impossible not to pay attention to the historical changes in lifestyle, which make the active way of life hard to follow. Instead of working in the field, humans stay in one place for hours without having any choice.

In conclusion, it can be noticed that the issue of obesity is controversial, as its reasons and consequences are not examined enough to provide an ideal solution. Nonetheless, it increases the risk of serious diseases and is not beneficial for the quality of life in general. More attention should be paid to similar parameters of the disease such as BMI in order to conduct more detailed research and provide high-qualified aid to the patient.

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