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“The Lazarus Effect” Horror Film

“The Lazarus Effect” is a film dedicated to combating HIV and AIDS in Africa. It tells a story about Zambian people infected by these illnesses and their lives. Undoubtedly, HIV changes the life of every person who has it. Still, I think that Constance Mudenda, a supervisor of several clinics, deserves particular attention. HIV changed not only her daily routine but also world perception and working activities.

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From first sight, it seems that the largest improvements in life were obtained by the people whose photos before the treatment were shown. It was delightful to see them smiling and full of energy and desire to move on in spite of their illness. The audience does not know how Constance looked like in 2005 when she appeared to be HIV-positive. Nevertheless, it becomes evident that the problem of the lack of access to medication made her think not only about herself but also about all other infected people. Constance plays an essential role in spreading awareness about the necessity to get tested for HIV and keep on taking the prescribed ARVs. The most striking detail about her personality is that she lost two children because of HIV but did not give up fighting against the spread of the virus ((RED), 2010). Constance’s story of life after HIV tells not only about the significance of attracting attention to this problem in Africa. It is also about personal development and the attempt to improve the life of other people.

It seems fair to notice that it was challenging to choose only one person out of all that were described in the film. The life of every character is about the revival from ashes that changed attitude to themselves and the world around them. However, other HIV-positive men and women struggle only for their own lives while Constance is concerned with the assistance to others, as it has already been mentioned.

Finally, I would like to say that the film makes thinking about how lucky we are to be born in civilized countries and have easier access to medicine. As Constance told at the end of the film, some people have to walk “four days and three nights” to reach the nearest hospital ((RED), 2010). Apparently, Constance’s efforts are not enough to cope with the spread of HIV in Zambia. At least, her supervision saves thousands of lives per year, and this is a remarkable achievement.


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