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The Malaysian Church’s Budgetary Considerations

The Malaysian United Methodist Church maintains a budget to fulfill its objectives and goals (Tipton, 2007). The research focuses on church budget preparation. The research focuses on the researcher’s contribution to the success of the church budget. The church budget significantly contributes to the church goals and objectives of evangelizing to the Vietnamese workers in Malaysia. The United Methodist Church of Malaysia implements a realistic budget. The sources of the budget are tithes, offerings, and donations (Allison & Kaye, 2005). The managers of the church allocate a portion of the budget to operating its church activities. The expenses of the church include building repairs, electricity expense, transportation expense, water expense, stipends of the church workers, food of the church workers, and other minor expenses. Further, the budgetary process of the United Methodist Church of Malaysia has its strengths. First, the church receives tithes from all its members. Tithes represent ten percent of the church members’ total cash amount received. The cash amounts come from the church members’ salaries, wages, commissions, gifts, and donations. Second, the church pays for necessary church expenses. The church budget is classified as “living within one’s means”.

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Third, the church gets additional donations from some wealthy members of the church. There are some recommendations that will improve the current church leaders’ current budgetary process. First, the church can expand its evangelistic activities. The church can invite other Malaysian residents to join the church. The new members can financially help the church attain its goals and objectives (Riggio & Orr, 2004). Accepting Malaysian church members increases the budgeted church funds. Second, the church leaders can set up a donation program to help the Vietnamese workers. The program helps pay for the attainment of the church’s goals and objectives. One of the goals is uplifting both the spiritual life of the Vietnamese workers. The donation program will touch the hearts of wealthy church members around the world. The church donors ensure the successful attainment of the church activities, including helping the Vietnamese workers grow spiritually.

As one of the leaders of the church organization, the researcher’s role is very significant. The researcher helps uplift both the spiritual life of the Vietnamese workers. The researcher spread’s the Gospel of Jesus to the Vietnamese workers in Malaysia. The researcher encourages the Vietnamese workers to surpass their daily work trials. Consequently, the researcher invites the Vietnamese workers to join the church services. The researcher helps the Vietnamese workers prioritize their personal budgets. The researcher gives his own tithe, gift, and donation to the Malaysian church. The researcher personally attends the church meetings to give his suggestions, comments, and recommendations. Consequently, the increase in church membership translates to increasing the church donations, tithes, and other cash inflows. The researcher helps maintain the Vietnamese workers’ moral responsibility. The researcher contributes to the maintenance of the nonprofit organization’s financial stability and accountability. Accountability is achieved when the researcher and all other church members comply with the budget policies of the church (Ott, 2001). Based on the above discussion, the Malaysian United Methodist Church implements a goal-oriented budget. The nonprofit organization’s accountability includes maintaining an ethic-based budget. The researcher makes significant contributions to the success of the nonprofit organization’s budget. Indeed, the church budget significantly helps attain the church goals and objectives.


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