112 Church Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Church

  1. Latin America and the Catholic Church
    The Catholic Church had a great influence on people in Latin America, people were very religious. People’s attitude towards the Pope changed in the 1980s in Nicaragua.
  2. Catholic, Church of Christ and Jewish Religions Comparison
    While the pope is the head of Catholic Church, Protestantism and Judaism refer to Christianity that is not a subject to Papal authority.
  3. Revival as the Impetus for Church Growth
    A significant decline in church membership increases the number of the unchurched and the frustration of Christian leaders mandated to reach the lost.
  4. “Planting Missional Churches” by Ed Stetzer: Summary and Critique
    The book under analysis was written by Ed Stetzer and entitled Planting Missional Churches. The author provides valuable insights into the process of planting evangelist churches.
  5. Discipleship, Healthy Church, and Their Goals
    This essay explores the concepts of discipleship and the healthy church while highlighting goals for discipleship, personal ministry, and available avenues for improvement.
  6. Theology: Discipleship and a Healthy Church
    The report presents a disciple-making plan aimed to improve the organization’s efficiency in the task of making disciples and boost evangelistic efforts.
  7. Women’s Dignity in Hong Kong’s Church and Society
    The central question that Yuen raises is whether the practice of Church leadership is adequate if applied to gender justice and equality.
  8. Disciple-Making Activity in the Local Church
    This paper addresses how the local church should go about the activity of disciple-making by utilizing the input of pastors, saints, and spiritual gifts.
  9. Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch
    The first acknowledgement presented in the book “Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch” is that the decision to begin a new church can be quite frightening.
  10. Art of Manuscripts and Churches
    The medieval period produced a number of beautiful manuscripts and architecture. Manuscripts allowed people to learn the Bible while enjoying detailed illustrations.
  11. Innovate Church: Non-Negotiable Commitments
    There are four non-negotiable commitments. Each of them plays an important role in understanding God, human beliefs, and the power of faith.
  12. Methodist Episcopal Church and Primitive Methodist Church
    This essay compares and contrasts two church denominations. The essay looks deeply into the origins of the primitive Methodist church and the Methodist Episcopal church.
  13. Zion Revival Church and Its Management
    This paper analyzes the various aspects of ZRC’s profile before identifying the issues that undermine the health of the congregation, staff members, and the community.
  14. The Catholic Church and Western Classical Music
    Many secular elements of culture like the creation and composition of music had their origins in the Roman Catholic Church or were influenced by the music of the Catholic Church.
  15. “Planting Churches Cross-Culturally” by David Hesselgrave
    The book “Planting Churches Cross Culturally” is an informative literature that supports the importance of evangelistic work. The book acts as a guideline on church planting in unreached areas.
  16. Effective Church Models: The Apostolic Harvest Church and the Team Planting
    In this discussion, two models, the apostolic harvest church and the team planting will be compared in terms of their strengths and shortages.
  17. Catholic Church: Religious and Imperial Expansion Impact
    This paper discusses how the religious and imperial expansion challenged the authority of the powerful institutions such as the Catholic Church.
  18. Christian Doctrines and Church Attendance
    Christianity as a religion has many faith groups and denominations which subscribe to various specific set of doctrines, based on various interpretations of the Bible.
  19. Early Church History: Persecution of Christianity
    The early Christians endured persecution not only from non-believers, but also from believers who sought to change their faith.
  20. Unification Church Founded by Sun Myung Moon
    Sun Myung Moon is the founder and head of the Unification Church. It started in Seoul in 1954 as ‘The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity’.
  21. Christians and Going to Church
    It is important for Christians to meet regularly apart from the times when one may be in a hospital bed or working in a place where no church is available.
  22. Romans and Church History: Exegetical Assessment
    Whatever the laws say, speaks to those who are under the law, that every mouth may be closed, and all the world may become accountable to God.

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  1. The St. Patrick Catholic Church
    I attended a Roman Catholic Sunday Mass Celebration at the St. Patrick Catholic Church. Parishioners visit the Church that is located at Miami Beach, within Miami-Date County, Florida.
  2. Church in Slaves’ Lives and How They Survived
    Slaves saw church and God as their only foundations of comfort and employed their religious beliefs as a basis through which they anchored their purpose in life.
  3. Criticism of the Church in Canterbury Tales
    How did Chaucer criticize the church The Canterbury Tales? What characters do reflect this criticism? Check this essay to find out.
  4. The Church and School: Where do the Children Play
    The church and the community as a unit, used to be a source of values, of commitment, of stability and strength for children.
  5. A History of Christian Church: Gnosticism
    The basic line of Gnostic ideas is the radical dualism in relations between the God and the world, the person and the world.
  6. Women Leadership Within the Church
    The research project looks into details the place of women in the church which is women leadership in the church.
  7. Increasing Physical Activity Among Church Members
    The study used the community-based participatory research approach wherein members of the congregation or church were trained to administer the interventions to the participants.
  8. Churches in the Arabian Gulf – Arabian Peninsula
    Economically, the gains from the establishment of churches in the Arabian Gulf started growing gradually at the moment when religious coexistence became achievable.
  9. The Practice of Church Building
    This essay will concern itself with evaluating the practice of church building over time through the lives of St Bartholomew, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Kathleen Drixel.
  10. A Baptist Church Visit in Beverly Hills City
    The Baptist church did not use any symbols for their sermon, even the sign of the cross that we used in our catholic church.
  11. Church History: Egeria and the Crusades
    Egeria was “a pious woman from Spain who recorded a pilgrimage to Sinai and Palestine”. The historic figure of the woman, her name, status, homeland are wrapped up in mystery.
  12. Catechism of the Catholic Church on Jesus Christ
    The only one lord Jesus had a paramount duty to serve and suffer for man, born of a virgin woman through the power of the Holy Spirit as such one substance with God the father.
  13. Church Views in Past and Present
    This paper considers how controversies have been handled in the past and how such knowledge is relevant to the handling of controversies facing the present church.
  14. The Worship Styles and Elements of the Baptist Church
    This paper traces the history and development of the worship styles and elements of the Baptist church from its early beginnings and up to date.
  15. Lake Worth Church Fire, Texas: Causes and Fatal Consequences
    The fire in the single-storey building that acted as a church led to the death of three fire fighters after the roof of the church collapsed and barricaded them.
  16. Religion and Architecture: Christian Church, Buddhist, Islamic Mosques
    Religious architecture is mainly concerned with design and building of houses of reverence or holy deliberate places such as stupas, mosques, churches and temples.
  17. Nature and Mission of the Church
    There is need for the church to live in a different way than the nations because the church is the people of God bound by a covenant.
  18. Peolpe Management in the Church
    The task of the administrative support of the church in northern Virginia is never easy to implement since people always seek to be led, not managed.
  19. Knowledge Sharing Description: Believers in Christ Church International
    The capacity of an institution to share and use knowledge among various organs and individuals in operational activities is considered a unique business strategy.
  20. Reading Reflection “The Emotionally Healthy Church”
    The main idea raised by Peter Scazzero in his book “The Emotionally Healthy Church” is that many Christians appear to have a hard time trying to relate to their religious beliefs.
  21. Methodists Church: Organizational Leadership
    Methodists Church has introduced what is currently known as the prison ministries. The leaders of the church wanted some way to get to those people wrongly accused by the government.
  22. United Methodist Church: Organizational Systems
    This essay seeks to illustrate how the Systems Thinking concept fits into an institutional set up. For this purpose, the United Methodist Church.

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  1. Financial Responsibility of Churches
    The purpose of this essay is to determine the legislative path in the U.S., which is the idea of returning the obligation to pay tax to religious organizations.
  2. The Malaysian Church’s Budgetary Considerations
    The Malaysian United Methodist Church maintains a budget to fulfill its objectives and goals, the research focuses on church budget preparation.
  3. Reaching Migrant Workers in the Malaysian Church: Establishing a Leadership Model
    This research will be insightful in showing how various leadership models may be used to reach migrant workers in the Malaysian Christian community.
  4. Women’s Role and Leadership in the Church
    Although the Bible calls for women’s submissiveness, they have some roles in the church. Older women are supposed to teach young women good conduct and ways of the church.
  5. The Relationships Between Church and States in Europe
    This paper has explored the development of relationships between church and state in Europe in the period from 800 to 1122.
  6. Pandemic Effects on Churches and Families
    Both churches and families appreciate those moments when they can be together, as it is often taken for granted pre-Covid 19.
  7. Megachurches Research: Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church
    The essay examines the Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church as a typical example of a megachurch and identifies its audience and the reasons behind its popularity and a large following.
  8. Ethical Standards in the Westboro Baptist Church Case
    The Westboro Baptist Church case reveals a controversial decision allowing religious activists to express their perspectives at a funeral.
  9. Mary Church Terrell and Her Activist Achievements
    Mary Church Terrell was an outstanding historical figure that was engaged in social activities in the late nineteenth and second half of the twentieth century.
  10. Abortion and Catholic Church’s Attitude
    This paper discusses the theme of abortions, the ways of abortions, and the attitude of Catholic Church to abortion.
  11. Why Is It Important for a Christian to Study Church History?
    The church’s history began with Jesus Christ and apostles, who, after the Resurrection, carried his word to all parts of the world, particularly to Greece and then to Italy.
  12. Reflections of the Black Church from Yesterday till Today
    The aspects of slavery in the United States started in the August of 1619 when 20 Angolans’ names were first recorded in a journal entry.
  13. Rapture of the Church of God
    The church of God’s rapture is an encouragement for true believers and anticipation to live with Christ forever.
  14. Lutheran Theology and Its Implications for Contemporary Church and Society
    This study, therefore, focuses on Lutheran theology and explains why Luther can be regarded as the founder of the modern church and society.
  15. The Local Church of Christians
    The local church refers to a group of Christians who often oversee and affirm each other’s membership in Christ and God’s kingdom.
  16. Pentecostal’s Church Approach to Death, After-Life, and End of Life
    About 4 million Pentecostals live in the United States. This paper aims to discuss the Pentecostal church’s approach to death, after-life, and end of life.
  17. The Role of Gothic Cathedrals in the Popularization of the Catholic Church
    When Gothic architecture first emerged in the 12th century, it made an immense impact on the popularization of faith and the attraction of new followers.
  18. The Missional Church and its Impact on Ecclesiology
    The paper describes the missional church and how it attempts to update the practice of North American ecclesiology.
  19. Lutheran Theology and Its Implications for Contemporary Church and Society
    Martin Luther’s theology started the reformation in Germany through his famous 95 Theses and, in doing so, helped model the contemporary society and Protestant Church.
  20. “Analysis of Article “”Religions Resources and Church Growth”””
    The authors argue that under resource mobilization theory, the higher the inputs of time and money, the greater the outputs that facilitate growth and limit decline.
  21. The Church and the Understandings of God
    For church leaders, remaining firm in their priorities was a consciously selected strategy to avoid rhetorics that would make God the loyal helper of the powerful.

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  1. Relationship Between the Catholic Church and Chivalry
  2. Church: Christianity and Late Middle School
  3. Analyzing Pope John Paul II and His Church Role
  4. Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Its Differences to the Western Church
  5. Aristotle’s Philosophy, Science, and the Christian Church
  6. Christian Education Through the Church and Mission Work
  7. Church Split During Middle Ages
  8. Cross-Cultural Church Planting in America
  9. Church Toward Popular Magic in Renaissance Italy
  10. Financing Options for Church Construction
  11. Church, Money, and Power in Medieval Times
  12. Conflicts Between Galileo and the Church
  13. Contemporary Issues Facing the Church
  14. Faith-Based Organizations vs. The Separation of Church
  15. Galileo and the History of the Catholic Church
  16. Challenges Facing the Australian Catholic Church of the 21st Century
  17. Roman Catholic Church Assisted in the Persecution Proceedings of the Witch Trials
  18. Church and State Separation Necessity in Canadian Education
  19. Biblical Foundations for Small Group Ministry in the Church
  20. Roman Catholic Church Influences on Europe in the Middle Age
  21. Church Reforms During Renaissance Era
  22. Roman Catholic Church and Judgement in the Middle Ages

❓ Questions About Church History

  1. What Does the Roman Catholic Church Believe?
  2. How Does Church History Fit With Biblical Theology?
  3. Why Was the Catholic Church So Influential?
  4. Is There a Separation Between Church and State?
  5. How Did the Church of England Respond to the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s?
  6. What Would Happen if There Was No Separation of Church and State?
  7. Did the Church Help or Hinder Medical Progress in the Middle Ages?
  8. What Role Did the Catholic Church Play in the Development of the Heliocentric?
  9. Did the Founding Fathers Really Intend for a Total Separation Between Church and State?
  10. What Are the Periods of Church History?
  11. Does the Church Have to Combat Poverty?
  12. What Was the Importance and Impact of the Catholic Church in Colonial Mexico?
  13. Does the Church Make the Eucharist, or Does the Eucharist Make the Church?
  14. What Is the Relationship Between Church and State of Christianity?
  15. Did the Early Church Baptize in the Name of Jesus?
  16. How Did the Church and Monarch Fight for Power?
  17. How Did Catholic Church Respond to the Scientific Revolution?
  18. Is the Church of England Catholic or Protestant?
  19. What Does the Bible Say About Resolving Conflict in the Church?
  20. How Are Church and State Handled in the Islamic and Christian Communities?
  21. What Did Galileo Do to Anger the Church?
  22. How Can Church Teachings Be Used in a Discussion About Abortion?
  23. What Influence Did John Calvin Have on Church History?
  24. How Did Martin Luther King Predict the Decline of the Mainline Church?
  25. What Was the Conflict Between the Monarchies and the Church?
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