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“The Matrix” Movie Discussion

During the training fight between Neo and Morpheus in the dojo as well as the fight between Neo and Agent Smith at the subway station, the film rarely, if ever, uses the hand-held camera. This approach results in stable wide shots, which make it easier for the viewer to understand the progress of the fight and appreciate the choreography.

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The Matrix’s fight choreographer is Yuen Woo-ping, a Hong Kong director and martial arts choreographer. Before The Matrix, he had worked on several notable Hong Kong films, including Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and The Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan, and Black Mask starring Jet Li.

A steady camera with a wide angle in the film’s fight scenes is due to the Hong Kong school of cinematography, of which it is a staple.

Wachowski siblings deliberately engaged the services of an experienced martial arts choreographer from a Hong Kong school to ensure that the fight scenes in the movie would be expertly choreographed yet easy to follow.

In the scene when Neo awakens in his pod in the real world, the robot that comes to check on him does not make any aggressive actions, such as trying to plug Neo in forcefully.

Using humans as batteries for bio-electricity is not efficient, especially since the movie mentions machines having the technology to produce thermonuclear energy.

The pods for humans in The Matrix maybe not be the electricity supply network but the life support system designed to protect humans after a catastrophe humanity’s development brought upon itself.

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The Matrix is a philosophical discussion of the dangers of unchecked progress and humanity’s rebellious need to reject authority even when it may not be harmful.

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