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The Most Critical Leadership Competencies

Making a good leader is the central goal of any working organization striving to create effective business staff headed by a qualified specialist. Leadership is considered to be one of the central skills helping any person to succeed in business and social activities; this quality makes anyone stand out from all other ordinary people. It is necessary to underline the fact that this quality is characterized through aggressiveness in action and speech and strong resistance to external problems and interactions. One is to concentrate on enhancing this skill in personality, as it gives an opportunity to play a central role in decision making processes and develop strong willed features; this process covers the development of definite competencies and skills characterized modern qualified and skilled leader.

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It is necessary to underline the idea that true leaders play a critical role in the process of implementation change; this period is characterized by instability, directions loss, minor productivity and confusion. The leadership in such cases is a real path to company’s rehabilitation; it is necessary to analyze the most important features to be developed in order to enhance the leadership skills.

One of the central characteristics is based on the perfect communication skills development; good communication is considered to be the key to the development of effective business relationships with clients and partners, as well as successful organization of company’s working staff.

Consistency is the feature identifying good leader at any organization; one should stress that any leader has to develop his personal style and approaches to organization activities. One is never to change his style taking fixed leadership position, because it will characterize the person as a strong and confident specialist. It is an open secret that the sphere of business is rather confusing and full of surprises that is why every leader should be ready to modifications and the change of business needs working out stable position helping to overcome any instability.

Leadership requires the ability to select a good professional team for productive work aimed at ne common purpose. It is necessary to underline the fact that choosing the professionals is a great responsibility and needs special skills. The leader is to be able to build the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust within his team in order to come to the problems solution without any obstacles; a good team headed by a true leader can be considered a magnificent business power dissolving any problematic situations.

It is interesting to note that leadership requires the ability to make one’s actions speak louder that the sound of word; it is necessary to read between the lines and be able to predict possible insufficient interference with business operations. Certainly, the responsive manager tries to direct all his efforts to the problem solution before being asked to do this; this skill is considered to be of great importance for any business structure as it unites top management with employees through common unsolved problematic situation. (Ambekar, 2004)

Honesty is also an important element in leadership development; to be honest with customers and employees gives an opportunity to gain respect and integrity. All business relationships are predominantly built in accordance with the principle of personal trust and respect, so, the manager is to create such atmosphere in the working environment.

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Competitiveness plays a crucial role in business operations and as a result, successful companies functions under the pressure of critics. The leader’s professionalism and stable confident position is to allow him working under deep criticism. There are special trainings and policies teaching strong leaders to listen to critics and perceive it in a calm adequate way. In accordance with James Schorr, ‘Some of the most talented people are terrible leaders because they have a crippling need to be loved by everyone’. (Ambekar, 2004)

It should be noted that strong leaders are to have the motivating power pushing the employees to creativity and developing their ambitions to work. It is of great importance for the manager to be able maintaining healthy environment providing the workers with safety and controlling the ways of their exploitation.

In order to understand the methods and strategies of leadership development, it is necessary to master the most important competencies contributing to the formation of inner confidence and desire to stand out of the mass.


So, the first thing is ethics. Business ethics is to lie at the background of leader formation; the introduction of moral ethical norms and standards among the employees is considered to be the first step to healthy productive environment motivating workers to company’s profitability.


One of the central tasks of any strong leader is concentrated on the development of definite strategies involved in compelling plans. The leaders are to be able to visualize the situations beforehand and manage to work out professional steps aimed at problems prevention. (Arneson, 2001)

Results Focus

Company’s success is dependant on the results reached by department team cooperative work; the leader is to stress the importance of final achievements being relentless as to the things getting done. Confidence in the reached results should be demonstrated through constructive task provided to the employees.


Positive energy has always been considered the key to success; there are a lot of psychological theories stating that positive and optimistic mood and vision will compulsory result in the desired results achievement.

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Every leader is a great differentiator; the concept of judgment is to be introduced within any organization activities structuring. Decision-oriented leadership is the principle reflection of this characteristic.


Every strong leader is to be concentrated on the idea, that it is necessary to introduce and develop the culture of accountability for effective business running and profitability. (Arneson, 2001)

It should be stressed that the basic aim of any organization is focused on its performance improvement by means of selecting individual potential; in most cases the needs of business are identified clearly, though to select individuals being potential leaders is not an easy task. The analysis of leadership qualities and competencies gives an opportunity to outline the basic features for self development. The role of leader in any sphere of human activities is considered to be decisive contributing both to the development of organization functioning and to motivating other people in their duties performance. (Leadership Qualities. 2007)

What makes a good leader? This question is considered to be popular enough in modern world because leaders are the movers of the progress. The paper managed to present the most important features of self development process to be taken into account in the process of career making.


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