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The Negative Impact of Television

Everyone watches television every day, thinking that it helps them to relieve stress after a hard day. It applies to all ages since children are similarly prone to the habit of watching cartoons on television. As they get older, everyone finds a show or hobby program that keeps people coming back to the screen every day. However, this does not bring relaxation and satisfaction of moral needs, but only a stream of negativity, a shift in perception, and distraction from real problems.

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Adults most often watch the news and informational programs that talk about various negative events. These can be programs about world news, wars, political debates that make a person upset. Furthermore, the information may be incorrect, inaccurate, distorted, or grossly exaggerated. It leads to disputes with friends, colleagues, and families, who may look at the news on the same topic in other sources. The harmful component is most likely when choosing to disseminate information about a particular event.

Human perception is formed based on external factors, one of which is television. For example, advertising for a product forces customers to make a purchase decision, even if the person does not need the good. Television is considered the authoritative source of information; therefore, it is used for large-scale manipulation (Pan). Additionally, it can be used to promote ideas and principles that people blindly follow. Television strongly influences the perception of a person and their further actions; therefore, it is necessary to select reliable sources carefully.

A person, watching programs that he does not need, is distracted from his real problems instead of solving them. For example, an adult comes home from work, where he cannot resolve the difficulty and wants to relax. The television can distract him from the problem and fill his head with other completely unnecessary things. Furthermore, parents send their children to watch television instead of spending time together playing developing games. The TV does not help to solve critical tasks but only clogs the head with unnecessary things.

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