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The Orange Door Health Center: Solution

Strategic Plan for the Orange Door Health Center Addressing Environmental Issues and Perspectives for Development

Because three areas will be considered in a strategic plan – staff development, managerial approaches and technological advancement – a transformation of the Orange Door Health Center should be carried out about these aspects (Filipovitch, 2006). First, an action plan will be directed at restructuring voluntary-based staff to the paid-off staff, which is possible through introducing salary planning and beneficial schemes.

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Second, the strategic plan will integrate a specific management information system that will enable nurses to freely communicate and exchange information. In such a manner, nurses can ensure efficient medical treatment of patients, as well as high-quality delivery of health care services. Finally, technological advancement is imperative for enhancing the information flow between patients and nurses through supplying effective data recording systems. Overall, the given plan should greatly promote the transition process and provide fresh insights for developing new facets of the center’s improvement.

Identifying Strategies from Organizational, Operational, Managerial, Financial Perspectives

For introducing the above-identified changes, the following strategies must be highlighted. First of all, it is necessary to survey the employees to have a better picture of the staff needs and concerns. Hence, a survey can be presented in the form of a questionnaire composed of the questions related to the environmental, organizational, and material concerns of the nurses. In such a manner, it is possible to define what packages and salaries should be introduced.

In addition, the questionnaire will provide nurses with incentives for increasing their professional and organizational performance. Second, introducing an integrative management system implies changing nurses’ outlook on and attitude to cooperation and communication. Managers should consider carefully the cultural and social backgrounds of nurses to meet their concerns and needs more effectively. In their turn, nurses should report to managers about their actions because accountability and transparent reporting minimize the risk of misconceptions and ensure effective information flow. Finally, technological advancement is possible through presenting specific data exchange devices, such as I-Pads that will contribute to the quick and easy exchange of information among the employees.

Defining How the Identified Strategies Affect Environmental Issues

Promoting a new outlook on the managerial system and staff development, the managers will certainly notice tangible changes that will occur in the department. This is of particular concern to such fields as workforce identification, nurse turnover, organizational performance, and level of patient satisfaction. All these strategies can significantly improve the working environment and provide wider space for the development and advancement of the Orange Door Health Center. Moreover, it will help to gain a competitive advantage over other reputable health centers.

The rationale for the Strategic Plan

An effective and accurate algorithm for introducing changes to the organizational process at the center is indispensable for ensuring proper performance and delivery of health care services. Specific attention should be paid to determining workforce size and shift schedule for allocating human resources properly (Sinreich & Jabali, 2007). Focusing on resources allocation is paramount because it shapes the basis for effective nurse management (Yarbrough & Powers, 2006). The proposed strategies can integrative a transformative dimension in the future because organizational change is an important condition for successful management of the center, as well as for sustaining a competitive edge over other existing centers (Michielsen et al., 2010). Finally, applying these approaches can guarantee the high quality and safety of patient treatment.


Filipovitch, A.J. (2006). Organizational transformation of a community-based clinic. Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 17(1), 103-115.

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