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The Power of Ideas: Philosophical Development

Feminist philosophy

Feminism could be defined as a belief which accounts that like men, women should as well have similar rights which include economic rights, political, intellectual, sexual, and social rights. Feminism involves several philosophies as well as theories all touching on matters involving gender difference, campaigns of equality and advocating of the rights of women as well as their interests.

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The first wave of feminism is a 19th century and part of 20th century feminist activity period in United States and United Kingdom. initially, the main focus was on advancing equal contracts including women’s property rights together with chattel marriage opposition as well as married women with their children ownership by husbands.At the end of 19th century though, activism was geared to acquiring political power especially women’s suffrage rights & voting rights. This wave gave dramatic outcomes involving law changes considering property rights and voting rights through the more heated debate on economic and social status did not come to an end. Women still had different education and their view as nurturing, ornamental & with less importance than men did not vanish. (Modleski, 1991)

2nd wave of feminism is early 1960 and late 1980 feminist activity period. According to Imelda Whelehan a scholar, this was a continuity of first phase which included suffragettes in United States as well as United Kingdom. This wave is in continuation since then and is now in coexistence with 3rd wave feminism. This wave concerns issues such as equality and stopping discrimination unlike the 1st which touched on suffrage rights (Phillips, 2004)

Feminist thought took a transition from matters that are legal during 1st wave to matters that are personal in 2nd wave. This might be due to the fact that irrespective of them fighting so hard to acquire their legal rights hoping that it will help the society to have a different view on them which would help rectifies the personal problems they were facing; their hopes vanished as a result of continued oppression they were facing. Initially, these oppressive were many and personal matters were still an issue considered as just normal such that it became easier to make the laws changed than to make alterations of day to day life and views and since the legal issues were rectified, which were a bit fair to feminists, other aspects of sexuality, for example, became an issue. Ultimately, feminism is geared at achieving gender equality in each and every aspect such as society and life. Therefore, transition to personal aspect from legal aspects could be described as just a way of life (Moore, 2005).

Comparison of Philosophical Development in Africa, America, and Asia

During development, Asia, Africa and America were so different. Africa for example as a result of long colonization periods and slavery has unclear philosophy due to the fact that Africa still needs an improvement in a number of perspectives in life. Asia is large, popular and rich though the hindrance of economic as well as social development is conflicting. In contrast, America consists of people from all walks of life including different ethnicity, races, color and religion. America thus constitutes a greater population of talented people geared to its development. Social facilities and freedom degrees vary in America compared to the rest of the world thus contributing to its better living standards.

The philosophy of America is derived from philosophy of classical Greek. The philosophy of Asians is different from one religion to another with deep roots in Hinduism and other lesser religions of Taoism and Shintoism. Seemingly, togetherness with nature is highlighted in the philosophical outlook of the region. Africa had no boundaries in their territories and people lived free and a number of population centers dominated. Africans value nature and their cultural morals. Thus, these cultural values are taught from one generation to another. While Africa was colonized large part of Asia retained freedom. Thus Africa had to struggle to acquire independence and at the same time deal with population that was segregated which was not achieved successfully (Moore, 2005).

Africa and Asia are similar whereby they developmentally lagged behind as opposed to America which was at the front stage in industrial development. America and Africa were colonized in the same way though mostly, African natives retained their lives while most Americans got killed. America did not get rid of colonialism but Africa did. The connection of Europe to America led to the vast growth of America due to the influence of the Europeans and the advancement of Europe had direct impact on the growth of America. In that America was a free land, vast populations migrated there rising the source of manpower thus advancement of the country.

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