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The Process of Resume Creation

Over the past years, the process of resume creation has gone far beyond, indicating one’s professional experience and qualities. Resume and cover letter completion now require basic education on the formatting and style peculiarities, including knowledge of the current labor market tendencies. Moreover, the competitiveness levels in the market have now risen to such an extent that the resumes are run through electronic tools programmed to find keywords defined by the employer (Darolia et al., 2016). Thus, it is of crucial importance to identify some of the major employer’s expectations from the candidates to modify the resume core according to these requirements.

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Considering the following resume examples, I have analyzed my resume in terms of the points covered. As a result, I have concluded that my CV lacks a list of personal traits and achievements, which might be extremely beneficial for people with no major work experience. For example, Sasha’s resume indicates a list of some personal characteristics that are directly correlated with her future occupation. When it comes to the resume structure, Sasha’s CV could also serve as an example of a CV that could potentially catch employers’ attention due to its conciseness and highlights emphasis. Hence, some of the most significant lessons I have taken when it comes to resume creation include:

  • Conciseness of the core information;
  • Informational value for a particular employer;
  • Emphasis on the strong sides of the resume when having a lack of experience;
  • Mandatory cover letter tailored for each potential employer;
  • Constant information update in the resume;
  • Following labor market tendencies.

Taking everything into consideration, it might be concluded that having a structured and comprehensive resume is key to starting a successful career in the chosen sphere. However, its creation requires much effort and field research to define what points and characteristics are crucial for the occupation. Moreover, employers nowadays can easily define the ones who are more interested in finding a job anywhere and those who are eager to pursue a career in their company, giving significant preference to the latter candidates.


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