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The Science Behind Climate Change

The greenhouse effect is the retention of solar heat in a natural way that makes the earth habitable. Gries, Redlin, & Ugarte (2019) state that “even before the industrialization and the rising importance of fossil fuels, the Earth’s surface was modified by human activity through deforestation, agricultural activity, and urbanization” (p. 1031). Excessive energy use, automobile and aviation emissions, and primarily fuel combustion have increased greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. It leads to higher global temperatures, followed by rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and changes in precipitation.

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I was aware that anthropogenic climate change was a crucial factor in changing the planet, but the scale of the change was striking. Regardless of how strong the natural change to the climate system was, it could not have led to the temperature increase seen over the past semicentenary.

It is essential to discuss climate change to achieve awareness of the population about this problem. Nevertheless, there is a group of climate change skeptics. The denial of human impact demonstrates a lack of awareness of scientific research into the problem. In the case of the debate, it is to cite statistical and research data about the changes associated primarily with fuel combustion.

Extremely high temperatures directly lead to cardiovascular and respiratory disease deaths and weather-related natural disasters that have tripled since the 1960s. Climatic conditions have an impact on waterborne and insect-borne diseases. All of these effects have tremendous cause for concern.

Switching to green energy and reducing meat consumption, an airplane traveling, and waste can help reduce the anthropogenic impact on the climate. Raising awareness can also play a fundamental role in the problem.

Adapting to the new climate will require more and more resources and new infrastructure. There will be less and less money to expand production. Reducing carbon emissions is in the interest of politicians and businesspeople because it can positively affect the economy and create a positive image.


Gries, T., Redlin, M., & Ugarte J. E. (2019). Human-induced climate change: The impact of land-use change. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 135(3-4), 1031-1044.

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