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The ‘Selma’ Movie: Fight for Blacks’ Rights

The Setting

Staged scenes in places where black bodies have been broken and beaten and bloodied. Selma was the real place since everyone on that bridge is local to the community, and there were some damages and scares. For example, the speech scene takes place in a big room, which has art wall paintings, a high ceiling, stairs, and big windows.

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The Objects

The objects set reality in the mind of the view. It’s like it happened, and people kept on fighting and dying for civil rights, which becomes so hard for them to get since the police brutality is too much for them. For example, the office of the president is designed with four chairs, two sofa sets, bookshelves, and two flags at both ends of the table.

The Roles

The characters of the movie Selma represent different human nature, which includes humor, frustration, and exhaustion, which were characteristics provided by its president. This humanity elevates the king’s actions and efforts to fight for people’s rights, including voting rights. For example, there is one cashier.

The Rules

The film shows the devastating consequences of civil disobedience. The king is caught between tying his ascot and reconciling the luxurious world. Many blacks lost their lives in an attempt to get their rights. A protest leads to the brutality of the police. However, this all centers on the king’s strategy of demonstration, resistance, and negotiation.

The script

The behavior setting in Selma’s movie works to show the flow of events during the era of oppression. It aims to demonstrate the evolution of change through the flow of events. At last, many crucial goals are achieved, such as the blacks receiving voting rights. Brutality is expected to happen at a repeated frequency through different scenes with switches of characters. With breaches in the flow of someone, the opposite character prolongs the action and the scene is changed to a different location.


The ‘Selma’ movie shows the oppressive days experienced among the blacks. Therefore, Martin Luther King Jr and his followers struggle tirelessly to fight for blacks’ rights, which include the right to vote through peaceful protests and overcoming oppression. The suffering endured encompassed torture and severe harassment even within places of worship. The movie ‘Selma’ is a true definition of the evolution of change (Rahmatillah et al., 2020). The movie depicts that there is a realm of hope in the future despite the horrible situations encountered.

The movie calls out for the struggle to the realization of a collective change. The main character in the cinema is standing in front of a government building with his followers, ready to protest for their rights. An old woman who was prevented from involving in voting is also in the group. In the process, the police immediately come out armed and attack them brutally (Rahmatillah et al., 2020). The old woman is mercilessly beaten in the scenes of the movie, an event that appears on the front page of the next morning’s newspaper. President Johnson is unimpressed with the mobilization of people in the riot.

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