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The Subjection of Women

Factors making attractiveness to men “the polar star of feminine education and character formation”

The factors that make attractiveness to men “the polar star of feminine education and character formation, according to Mill Stuart Mill are as follows:

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  1. The fundamental object of human aspirations, considerations and all objects of social endeavors.
  2. The wife’s wholesome dependence on her husband, all the privileges or even pleasures that she may be having, her position as a gift to the husband or as being wholesomely or entirely dependent on the husband’s will.
  3. The naturally perceived attraction that exists between persons of opposite sexes, who, in this case are the husband and wife. (Mill, 1997, p. 232).

Distinction between modern and previous times in relation to women liberation

Modern times are chiefly distinguished from olden previous ones due to the fact that people are no longer born to stick to a level to which they are bound and cannot influence on. Instead, today people have attained freedoms to apply their abilities appropriately and most effectively, make opportunistic use of chances like offers, achieve their best of aspirations as deemed right by their conscience and proven by their abilities. The olden human society was, however, fundamentally founded on a very different set of rules and guidelines. These laws also served to compromise and render futile, any visible efforts made by the people in question, which involved coming out of their otherwise fixed positions. In other words, no transition in positions was permitted (Mill, 1997, p. 233).

The mistake in the claim that the nature of the sexes is responsible for their relationship today

It is wrong to claim that the nature of the two sexes deems their present day relationship appropriate, according to Mill Stuart. Right from the start of their lives, women were found to be bound to a man, making her value to the man questionable, followed by her in muscular strength weakness relative to the man. The adoption of this rule, which appeared to seem natural, was not based on any deliberations, or foresight, or any social ideas, notion of this kind, making it of use or importance to humanity or sound for the sake of societal order. Besides, there had never been an experimentation with any other system, so that judgment on which system to adopt would entirely be found on clear and practical reasons (Mill, 1997, p. 231).

The two major benefits of legal equality between men and women to the society

If legal equivalence of men and women were to be accomplished, the two noteworthy benefits in Mill Stuart’s view would be:

  1. Better service to the entire humanity in the sense that more mental faculties would be available and put into use in service positions. This is supported by the evident deficiency of competence. There is therefore a high probability of high or increased competence if women were allowed to play service roles in the society.
  2. Based on this new freedom, authority and power would be claimed by merit and not birth. In this sense, the best of merits are allowed to serve humanity, and in this case humanity is served more competently (Mill, 1997, p. 237)

The main benefit of gender legal equality

The main individual benefits of the success in attaining legal equality between men and women would be obedience. Without this equality, boys would grow up into adulthood and possibly disrespect their mothers, given their command, which is wrong. On other levels, obedience between couples would improve their intimacy by creating affection between them (Mill, 1997, p. 239).


Mill, J. S. (1997). The subjection of women. London, UK: Transaction Publishers.

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